tvN drama ‘Drinking Solo’ reportedly to make a comeback with season 2

Naver – Sports Chosun: [Exclusive] ‘Drinking Solo’ Season 2…Coming in autumn

1. [+2428, -39] Of course, the casting’s amazing

2. [+1735, -37] Please leave the same actors ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+1457, -29] I really enjoyed watching Drinking Solo, so i’m looking forward to this!! I’m existed to see the 3 friends again…!

4. [+960, -21] Daebak!! I want to see it soon

5. [+821, -23] Oh Season 2!! Looking forward to it

6. [+193, -6] I really miss Park Ha Na and the professor, also tirori and his friends and the beautiful Noryangjin-dong

7. [+161, -6] I want to see the same actors and i also want to see them pass the exam, and Please tell us the story of Haha Couple, also the director Kim Won Hae, I know It’s nice to have a new actor in the original story but if you change the members now, it will be meaningless ㅜㅜ

8. [+161, -13] Who’s going be the professor….If it’s not Ha Seok Jin??

9. [+139, -8] As expected from tvN,, Let’s make a season 2,, With the same actors ~~ Personally, I liked SHINee’s Key so much

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