Touch Your Heart First Impression/Review

The most anticipated Goblin reunion is finally here! However looks like the drama got so many mixed reviews! Some enjoyed it and some were the opposite! What did you guys think of this drama?

The drama tells the story of Actress Oh Yoon Seo who got involved in a drug scandal with a third generation chaebol. Even though she was found innocent, she had to stay away from acting for 2 years and she started to lose her popularity. She makes a drastic move to get a part in an upcoming drama by promising the writer to work in a real law firm to gain some experience. Yoon Seo ended up being the secretary of lawyer Kwon Jung Rok who is an arrogant and cold-hearted person yet he started to loosen up once he got to know Oh Yoon Seo.

Where should I start? lol Did I enjoy watching the first two episodes? Honestly…not much! I didn’t hate it but I didn’t enjoy it either! If you follow me on twitter you know that lately, I’m not in the mood for kdramas because they are all predictable and nothing new about them and this is the same case with this drama! It’s too predictable for me, the story feels old! The characters remind me of ‘My Love from the Star’, the ‘can’t act’ actress and the cold-hearted lead and that drama was released in 2013! I hope you get where I’m going with this hehe 

Some scenes weren’t funny but rather forced to be funny! I found myself having Lee Dong Wook’s expression while watching some of them

(exactly this one lol)

I found the supporting characters more fun than the leads! Their scenes are really funny! I really fell for Kim Hee Jung’s character (the girl in the front desk) and the family-zoned girl (Park Kyung Hye) lol The good think about this drama is there is no love triangle, everyone has it’s own lover and story! Except for that Mama Boy who is crushing on Yoon Seo now but I feel he will end up with Park Kyung Hye’s character later hehe

The acting was okay too, their good chemistry is still there as well but as I said the story is not fresh and It’s not my cup of tea at the moment! HOWEVER, I have to say that the second half of episode two was more fun than the first half and the first episode, so there is definitely a room for improvement and It could get better from here!

Will I be watching this weekly? Still not sure. I feel the drama is worth a binge watch *maybe* but not that exciting to keep me waiting for a new episode every week!

Did you guys enjoy watching the first two episodes? I hope I wasn’t too harsh on this hehe you can just blame it on my current mood lol

ps. I really loved EXO Chen’s ost!

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