TOP3 Actors who suits being a High School Student

1. Kim Woo Bin (29 Years old) (School 2013)

2. Kim Go Eun (27 Years Old) (Eungyo/Goblin)

3. Lee Won Geun (27 Years Old) (Cheer Up!)

(All their ages are korean age)
Daum: [K-Star] TOP3 Stars who suits being a High School Student

1. [+371, -29] When i see Kim Go Eun smiles, i feel better suddenly, It’s not easy to smile like that, she is so lovely…

2. [+345, -25] Kim Go Eun is 27 years old….If you put her with high school students she will look like one…

3. [+295, -29] Oh my god~ Kim Go Eun is 27 years old?? Not because of her role but she really looks like a high school student~^^ She is a pure actress with multi-colors, i’m looking forward to see more from her~!

4. [+128, -11] After watching Goblin, i became a fan of Kim Go Eun. Not only she has her own charm but she played the role so good. I’m looking forward to her amazing acting.

5. [+121, -10] Beautiful Kim Go Eun! When i see her smiling face, i start smiling with her…That why i like her!^^

6. [+108, -7] Kim Go Eun’s smiling face is really pretty. So lovely~♡

7. [+105, -9] Go Eun❣She is really cute

8. [+75, -8] Go Eun’s shor hair really suits her

9. [+70, -6] Kim Go Eun looks more like a student^^So lovely~~♡♡

10. [+54, -6] Kim Go Eun’s face is really pretty and the way she thinks is also pretty^^ Looking forward to her next work ❤

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