This week K-Drama casting news: (02.04~02.10)

Here comes another week full of casting news! Let’s get started!

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Mung Bean Flower:

Jo Hyung Sik confirmed for SBS’s upcoming drama ‘Mung Bean Flower‘ along with Jo Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri & Yoon Si Yoon

The drama be directed Shin Kyung So PD (Six Flying Dragons) & written by Jung Hyun Min (Asssembly). It’s set during the Donghak Peasant Revolution which took place from 1894-1895. Two half-brothers fight on opposite sides of this rebellion. Baek Yi-Kang (Jo Jung Suk) is the first son of an important family. His father is wealthy and he is notorious as a local government officer. But, Yi-Kang’s mother is from the the lowest class. Due to his mother’s low social class, people look down on him. Song Ja-In (Han Ye Ri) is the only daughter for the head of a large peddlers group. She is the owner of Jeonjoo Yeokak, which sells merchandise and is also an inn. She has courage, stays calm under pressure and has charisma. She dreams of becoming the best merchant in Joseon. Baek Yi-Hyun (Yoon Si Yoon) is Yi-Kang’s younger half-brother. He is smart, handsome and polite. Unlike Yi-Kang, Baek Yi-Hyun was not born out of wedlock. Yi-Hyun has everything and he treats his half-brother politely.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of 2019.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryun:

Cha Eun Woo & Shin Se Kyung are positively reviewing the offer from MBC’s upcoming sageuk drama ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryun‘.

The drama will tell the story of women in the 19th century who were frowned upon for writing historical records despite being female. The drama will fight against outdated prejudice on the basis of gender and social status and show the value of change. On top of telling survival stories of female intern historians at the palace, it will also show the romance that blossoms between Prince Yi Rim and historian Goo Hae Ryung.

The drama will follow ‘Spring Night’.

Secret Boutique:

Kim Jae Young is positively reviewing the offer from SBS’s upcoming drama ‘Secret Boutique’ along with Kim Sun Ah.

The drama will be directed by Park Hyung Ki PD who he previously worked with Kim Sun Ah through ‘Scent of a Woman’. It tells the story of Jenny Jang, the owner of J-Boutique. Though she has an elegant and friendly way of speaking, she also holds fine communication skills in talking about the core of business ventures. While being involved in hidden matters, such as solving problems for the upper class, she’s also a lobbyist in the political world and a shadow ruler. She’s a complex character who holds a power-oriented mind and a unique personality. Although Jenny Jang’s boutique looks like a normal clothing and accessories store from the outside, the store is in reality the location for a small law firm that helps settle the matters of the upper class privately and connects the political world.

It’s scheduled to be broadcast in July.

When the Devil Calls Your Name:

Song Kang is positively reviewing the offer from tvN’s upcoming drama ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name‘ along with Jung Kyung Ho.

The drama is written by Noh Hye Young (Come Back Mister) and directed by Min Jin Ki PD (Circle), It tells the story of a man who sold his soul to the devil ten years ago for youth and success. But as soul collection day draws near, he bargains with the devil for an extension of their contract. The devil’s conditions are this: He must find three other people who have promised to sell their souls and take their contracts.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of this year.

+ Bonus:

Seo Bok:

Park Bo Gum will join Gong Yoon in upcoming movie ‘Seo Bok’.

The movie will be directed by Lee Yong Joo (Architecture 101), it will tell the story of Ki-Hun (Gong Yoo), an ex-agent of the intelligence agency. Seo Bok is the first human clone ever and he possesses the secret for eternal life. Ki-Hun gets involved in dangerous situations due to several forces who want to take possession of Seo Bok.

Filming will begin in April.

Which cast/drama are you mostly looking forward to?

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