The Secret Life of My Secretary First Impression/Review

This drama, honestly wasn’t what i expected to be!

The drama is about Do Min Ik, a director at a telecommunications company T&T. He is smart and excellent at his job, he is also known as Director Mind-Reader, because he is good at remembering people’s faces even after a single encounter and he can read people’s minds just by looking at their faces. However, he acts really childish with his secretary Jung Gal Hee, where he calls her all the time and makes her do even the smallest tasks for him. She carries out his orders without complaints because of a family motto her mother left before she died. Do Min Ik has a policy where he only keeps his secretary around for one year and then he fires her and that wasn’t different with Jung Gal Hee. But one day he got into an accident that leaves him with face blindness, he can’t see anyone’s face except for Jung Gal Hee. So he ask her back to work for him. And because of face blindness, Jung Gal Hee suddenly starts to leave a double life (I don’t want to give out spoilers, so watch it to understand better)

I don’t know if I didn’t read the plot correctly before or I didn’t watch a lot of teasers, but I seriously didn’t know the male lead will be having face blindness, i really thought it focused more on the female lead and her “secret”. But still, I’m truly enjoying this drama, like i fell in love with it from the first 2 episodes, it’s definitely more fun than I expected. It’s a cliche, cheesy and definitely predictable but I’m loving it and enjoying it a lot.

The chemistry between the leads is really so good, they are so cute and lovely together HOWEVER there was a scene were i felt it went a little too far with the way he was treating her, the scene were she asked him to use her head as stool and he actually did, it just made me uncomfortable and i felt it was a little too much but thankfully and I’m glad she got back at him in episode 3 and didn’t let him use her head again, I was really laughing when he fell, he somehow deserved it lol. I’m also glad that she has a little more control now. Another ridiculous scene was when he fell from the tower, it was too dramatic and i was seriously laughing!! like who suggested and approved to shoot that scene? lol

Other than that the drama is really fun to watch, it somehow has the feeling of old dramas and probably that’s why I’m enjoying it, it somehow reminds me of why i fell for Kdramas hehe I’m really excited to see how things will go from here, especially after that ending in episode 4! like i want to know, did he see her face or no? please be yes. I’m really starting to think that he saw her or he will see her but pretend that he didn’t because he really enjoys spending time with her and he actually fell for her, someone tweeted me and reminded me of the Korean/original title which is ‘I Loved You From The Beginning‘ and it made me think that my thought could acrually be correct. I really hope the writer will go this path, i don’t want the usual “finding out later and getting broken heart and having this sad and draggy episodes”, I only want happy and cute moments please. hehe.

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