The Light in Your Eyes First Impression/Review

JTBC’s fantasy romance drama ‘The Light in Your Eyes’ also known as ‘Dazzling’ has finally aired it first episode on February 11. Is it worth watching or no?

Kim Hye Ja, a woman with bright personality who dreams to become an announcer. However reality is harsh, she couldn’t land a job and she slowly stopped going to interviews or even send her resume to news stations. One day, she meets a fellow news reporter wannabe Lee Joon Ha who turns out to be her neighbor and they started to slowly get to know each other and develop some feelings. An accident happened to Hye Ja’s father, which made her use the magical watch, a watch she found when she was young on the beach, this watch allows her to turn back time but every time she does that, it makes her look older than her actual age. In order to save her father she used it multiple times until she turned into an old lady.

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The first episode was much better than what I expected! It was so funny thanks to Son Ho Joon hehe I was one of those people who wondered why Son Ho Joon isn’t the male lead but after watching the first episode I’m glad he chose to play the brother’s role! It fits him so well and he is hilarious! The acting was good, everyone is wondering about Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting which I honestly found it was okay, you can see some awkwardness but he is much better than his previous work! Also the chemistry was surprisingly good! The first episode was a good introduction to the characters but episode 2 was a more deep introduction as we got to know more about Lee Joon Ha’s abusive father and how he attempted to keep him away but ended up with a tragedy!

I cried my eyes out in the second episode, Kim Hye Ja turning into an old lady after saving her father’s life and Lee Joon Ha losing the most precious person in his life! the mood seriously changed 180 degree in the second episode but it was still fun to watch!

So far so good, It has the comedy, the romance, the melo, It has relatable situations and dialogues and also talks about the harsh reality of young people trying to achieve their dreams! This drama can turn into a masterpiece if It’s written really well, It really has potentials! I can’t wait to see how things will go with our leads, I really hope they don’t keep the sad mood in the upcoming episodes and become more light-hearted! I also can’t wait to see more of Son Ho Joon and his mother’s scenes, they are seriously so funny lol