The Fiery Priest First Impression/Review

Finally a priest drama that I can watch! As you know, I couldn’t watch OCN’s The Guest and Priest, they were just too scary for me but thankfully this drama is totally the opposite!

The drama is about Kim Hae Il, a priest with anger issues, he is just someone who can’t stand any injustice and crime, we later get to know that It’s because of his traumatic background, it turned him into someone who solve things only with violence. Park Kyung Sun, an ambitious prosecutor, yet she isn’t without principles. Goo Dae Young, a timid detective. These three come together to find the killer of a well loved and respected priest who was also a father figure to Kim Hae Il.

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I was so looking forward to this drama and thank goodness It didn’t disappoint at all. I loved the balance of excitement, action and comedy. It had a fair amount of all. Kim Nam Gil, as always, he nailed this character, from the action to the comedy. He is ridiculously hilarious yet It was emotional when got to see his background story and when he lost a precious person in his life. Lee Honey, my girl, first of all I’m so happy she is back with a drama, second, her character is just eye catching! I love how even though she is an ambitious woman she still knows what’s right and what’s wrong and we can see it clearly in the last scene (Episode 4), How she felt the people she works with went too far and that’s why she will step in and help Hae Il. Kim Sung Kyun as a foolish detective is funny, we didn’t get to see a lot of his character expect his being ignored by his colleagues. So I’m really curious to see how he will help with this investigation especially after he got hit by Hae Il lol

My question is, can I ship these two? I mean I know he is a priest but in the first episode there was a hint he may take it off! Seriously, the chemistry between them is so good, even if they don’t end up in a romantic relationship, I can’t wait to see them come together and work on this case! I love how she is attracted to his look *i don’t blame her* and she keeps reminding us of how handsome he is hehe

Overall, I’m in love with drama, the story so far so good, no need to talk about the acting because even that rookie detective, which I fell in love with her character, is doing well! the cinematography was surprisingly good! The only thing I’m scared of is this drama has 40 episodes, will it be this good till the end? *finger crossed*

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