The drama that is falling because of Shinee Onew

The first broadcast is next friday
It’s a half-made pre-production drama so they have filmed plenty already…
If he drop off or not it’s the same
It’s a hard situation…
Onew’s character is a healing man who never dated
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– I was totally looking forward to it…what do i do!!
– Ha…I was expecting a lot and really looking forward to Age of Youth
– Ah it’s frustrating every time i see a post like this
– There is no Yoo Eun Jae???
↳ Ji Woo replaced her!
– I have watched it because of Yoon sunbae but i won’t watch it this time
– His role is someone who doesn’t know girls, pure and innocent role
– It doesn’t make sense…Because Park Hye Soo couldn’t do the role suddenly, how could they change it with someone else?
– Hul…Song Ji Won’s partner is still the same ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
– Please leave
– I’m totally looking forward to the drama
– Hul..
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