The Crowned Clown First Impression/Review

The Crowned Clown is the first sageuk drama to air in 2019! As you guys may know me I’m not really a big fan of the genre but I decided to check this out for my love for the leads.

This is Yeo Jin Goo is comeback after almost 2 years since his not-so-successful SBS drama ‘Reunited Worlds’ and Lee Se Young’s comeback after almost a year since she shined as Bo Ja & Ah Sa Nyeo in tvN’s Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey)! So do you see why I couldn’t resist not checking this!
Not to mention, the supporting cast is also full of such incredible actors!

The drama talks about Lee Hun who become the King of Joseon after his father unwillingly passes the throne to him at his deathbed. As Lee Hun was born to a concubine and not to the queen, he is fully aware that his legitimacy is highly challenged so he starts living in a world full of anxiety.

Ha Sun is a clown, he is part of a performing group, which he usually does parodies of the royal family. He was discovered one day for his unbelievable resemblance to the king by Chief Royal Security Lee Kyu and forcefully brought into the palace to replace the king.

Ha Sun discovers the queen and saw how different she was compared to what he heard about her outside the place, and he slowly starts to fall for her.

The drama started out really well and strong, It’s full of actions, intense with some comedic elements. A lot had already happened in the first episodes, they went straightaway to the point yet there are still few mysteries. The story‚Äôs pacing is fast and engaging, you can’t even feel the time passing while watching it. The introduction of each character in the first episode was done so well as it helped us, viewers, to understand better each one of them.

Yeo Jin Goo truly shines in this drama, as he showed us an amazing performance as the crazy King and the cheerful clown. The actor is truly talented as he delivered the two different characters in a very distinct way, also his eyes tell a lot about the character he is portraying at that moment.

Even though the king looks crazy, there was a flashback scene with the queen where we saw his softer side so something must have happened that made him change and probably that’s why I can’t hate him. As for Lee Hun, he is such a naive and cheerful character that you can’t help but love him. Although he is uneducated and as I said naive, he still has a mind of his own, he always keeps his promise and he has the courage to show what is wrong and unfair. Even the queen is starting to warm up to him compared to how she was with the king. However, we clearly saw that she truly loves Lee Hun it’s just there were some feelings of disappointment and probably more complicated then that as we don’t exactly know what made her reject him.

The supporting characters are also holding up pretty well. Thankfully this drama doesn’t have any lacking in acting which makes it even more enjoyable!

My favorite character/relationship is Ha Sun x Eunuch Cho! They are seriously the cutest, we can clearly see how he really cares and worries about Ha Sun even when it’s not his duty. So writer, please don’t ever hurt our Eunuch Cho!

As for Lee Kyu, I always felt that he agree with all Ha Sun’s decisions it’s just he couldn’t support him or encourage him since he is the king’s man! but after episode 4 we can clearly see that everything is changing now! I’m really curious to know how will Ha Sun change the palace! But with all these changes someone may start to notice that he is not the real king! I really can’t wait to see how things will unfold!

With great acting, writing and directing, also given how good and strong sageuks are hard to come by, this drama is definitely worth adding to your watch-list.

I hope this review wasn’t too long and helpful! Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this drama in the comments.