The Crowned Clown Episode 8 (Review)

This drama truly never fails in leaving me in shock! How can a drama be this good!!

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After all that determination, Ha Sun is finally back in the palace! I loved his return scene so much! Eunuch Cho hearing he was dead but then feeling relieved and happy when he saw him alive, was probably the sweetest scene! Seeing Lee Kyu promising Ha Sun to protect him made me feel he is up to something and that was proved at the end! *I will talk about it in a sec lol* Lee Hun’s return made the palace a mess and Ha Sun had to clean things out! The scene where he embarrassed Shin Chi Soo was truly refreshing! Not only did he embarrass him but also remove him from his position and sent his son away! I have to say Lee Kyu is really smart to think of this! He didn’t take back what the real king said after all hehe

Court Lady Kim is starting to suspect things since she saw the king’s scar in his ear but she didn’t find it in Ha Sun! But looking at the preview It looks like our Ha Sun will put her in her place! However, now that Shin Chi Soo knows that there is a clown who looks exactly like the King, They may try to do something! I’m really curious to see how things will go!

Ha Sun didn’t only have to clean the court’s mess but the mess with the queen too! I’m honestly surprised that the queen didn’t sense something was wrong and how much he changed in one night! But then again they look so identical that no one could think they are not actually the same person! I’m glad the king didn’t succeed in spending the night with the queen! Ha Sun and the queen’s love is so beautiful! I loved the scene where he said he will be studying at the library twice so the queen could understand it’s a secret date! THEY ARE SO CUTE! However, I still wonder how she will feel about all this when she finds out the truth later especially after what happened to the real king!

The ending!!! Once again Yeo Jin Goo did it! How many times do I have to praise his brilliant acting? At this point, I don’t even have the words to describe how good he is! Did you see how detailed his acting was when he tried to hold that sword or the spoon! Did you see the veins on his neck when he was dying!! I’m really speechless!

The ending truly surprised me and I still can’t believe it! I know it’s the only way to build a new and better place! I know I said I hate the King in my last review BUT in this scene, I felt so sorry for him! He is really pitiful! All he ever wanted is to be loved and accepted! He’s been treated differently since childhood because of something he didn’t do! He wanted to do better but his surroundings didn’t let him! Ah, my heart still hurts for him especially when he said to Lee Kyu ‘It would have been better If you were my father’!

I really love this drama so much. It’s beautifully shot and masterfully acted! Each episode is full of events and surprised, there is truly no room for boredom and the hour just flies by! I’m so curious how things will go from here! Hopefully, It stays this strong and exciting till the end!