The Crowned Clown Episode 7 (Review)

It’s finally Monday!! I have never looked forward to Monday as I did in the last week! I really mistaken the days almost 3 times thinking it was already Monday! that’s how excited I was to watch this episode!

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Lee Hun is back and OH BOY!!! I don’t even remember if I was breathing while watching the scene where he got back! It was so intense!! Once again Yeo Jin Goo made me speechless with his brilliant acting! It’s so detailed and the two characters are so different! like they are seriously not the same person!! how can he do that? how can he change his voice, his eyes, and action? I was really in awe when both characters appeared in one scene!

Lee Hun, Ha Sun and Lee Kyu’s scene was probably the highlight of this episode! the scene was so intense, the acting was amazing! and more than the lines, their eyes were saying everything! You can see the anger in Lee Hun’s eyes, you can see Lee Kyu feeling sorry for Ha Sun and vice versa! I really can’t take that scene out of my head! It truly left a strong impression!

I loved how everyone sided with Ha Sun and felt sorry for him! They all know how good of a person he is and he truly deserves to be the king!
At first, I understood the king’s anger and jealousy but as the episode went I just started to hate me! I know and I’m sure there is a story behind him being this crazy but I just couldn’t take it anymore especially after he said ‘I know this is the right thing to do, but It wasn’t my decision but that clown’s so I won’t do it’ *something like that*

I really feel sorry for the queen! She finally opened her heart, she finally thought she fell in love with the man she always wanted! This scene was heartbreaking to watch! Her thinking they will finally spend the night together because he loves her and cares for her and him seeing the woman he loves change because of someone who looks like him *it’s confusing I know lol* But I feel like she felt something was different and that’s why she stopped him! Also in the preview, It looks like she doesn’t understand why her feelings are suddenly changing! She must be really confused! I wonder how she will feel when she finds out the truth later!

What an episode! Can’t wait for Ha Sun to go back to the palace! Judging from the preview looks like Lee Kyu and Moo Young will help him and send Lee Hun away! Shin Chi Soo is starting to notice things and looks like he found out that there is a clown who looks exactly like the king! OMG!! I’m so curious and excited and truly can’t wait for the next episode!

What I love the most about this drama, It’s fast-paced, each episode is full of events yet it’s not messy or too overwhelming! It’s PERFECT!