The Crowned Clown Episode 5-6 (Review)

Every time I finish watching The Crowned Clown episode, I can’t believe myself that I’m this excited and in love with a sageuk drama hehe The drama keeps getting better with each episode, there is just no room for boredom.

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As usual, these episodes were full of events and unexpected twists.

Humiliating Shi Chi Soo was one of the most satisfying scenes in these episodes! The Chief Royal Security (Lee Kyu) is really a genius. The way episode 5 ended made me think that their plan is ruined but thankful Lee Kyu was one step ahead! The way they trick it the viewers as well with seeing Ho Geol with the dead bodies was seriously a smart move! And once again Ha Sun proves that he is a good king and only cares about his people!

No matter how trivial it is, I swear I will not let it slide if it harms the people of my nation.

The queen dowager also shocked me in this episode, I knew she gave the flower tea to the queen but I thought she used that only to frame her of poisoning the concubine but she really had a bigger picture in her head. She is making the queen’s body weak so she doesn’t get pregnant!!! I don’t know how they will find out about this, I hope it’s not too late for the queen to recover from it! But I’m so curious to see how they will make her fall!

Ah, these episodes were full of romance and sweet scenes! But their love and longing for each other is so heartbreaking! Ha Sun kept trying to remind himself that all this love is meant for the king and not him while she finally and bravely confessed her love to him while thinking he is the king! I know It’s complected lol It will truly break the queen’s heart when she finds out Ha Sun’s not the king, But I think she will get over it soon since she loved him for his honesty and justice actions! After all, He is the man she wants to be with!

Episode 6’s ending!! OH MY GOD!! I’m sure y’all clicked this post just to see me take about this shocking ending lol This scene proved that Yeo Jin Goo is a genius actor, He is playing both roles but I can clearly see them as separate people, It’s really insane! His eyes expressed all!

Now I don’t hate Dal Rae for what she did, like imagine seeing your brother screaming and being tied up! I would have helped him as well HOWEVER, I really wasn’t ready for the king’s comeback! This whole situation will be so confusing to the queen and his sister! But judging from the preview, It seemed like no one found out! But the queen will definitely start to get confused since the real king is back which means he will be a bad/crazy person again! and if Ha Sun comes back she won’t be able to trust him again! Also, It will be hard to watch the king wanting to sleep with her out of jealousy, from the preview it looked like he is forcing himself! But then again she is been waiting for this moment since she kissed him *I guess*…I don’t know lol my head hurts with all this thinking and I need the next episode fast!!!

I loved seeing The Chief Royal Security kinda protect Ha Sun (in the preview), He knows that with the real king is not suitable to rule, so I’m really curious to see how he will get him out and bring Ha Sun back!

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