[Spoilers] Voice EP09 + E10 + Rating

Never – tenasia: ‘Voice’ Yesung threatened from a stalker

1. [+3293, -63] Humanly let’s not touch the kid….I know it’s just acting but i feel sorry for him because his sick…There are other ways you can do beside messing with the kid

2. [+2572, -30] I was on the edge when that girl and Eun soo were aloneㅠㅠ

3. [+2173, -36] Today was different from the brutal murders but i was nervous and had goosebumps…

4. [+1461, -34] I’m still scared, how are they going to catch the suspect ㅠㅠ

5. [+1281, -60] Today was so frustrating. I need tomorrow soon

6. [+526, -30] But really Voice is so good…It doesn’t make sense. How can someone entre the police office, Those doors are just decorations, How can someone entre a private place? Anyways i had goosebumps

7. [+466, -28] Today was a little lame..The investigation room isn’t soundproof…Even if that man was deceived by the suspect, does it make sense to let him go so soon?

8. [+351, -15] It doesn’t make sense, since when did Love 58 had the bag? And if he has a bag, why didn’t they search it? There are alot of things that doesn’t make sense;;

9. [+313, -7] Don’t touch Moo Jin Hyuk’s son…Except for the Golden Time team, all the cops are like crackers…

Naver – heraldpop: ‘Voice’ Kim Jae Wook, Went to visit Jang Hyuk’s son “Be Good to your father”
1. [+882, -13] The tension is not a joke, just don’t touch the kid
2. [+578, -10] Leave the kid alone ㅡㅡ
3. [+387, -10] I had goosebumps because of that scene…

4. [+326, -17] You have to watch Voice on weekends

5. [+260, -10] Scary…

6. [+139, -7] Why is the team leader not supporting his colleague, Why is the chief center going there alone…? This drama is so frustrating because it’s realistic — irritating
7. [+140, -8] Is there only two cops in Korea? Really what’s wrong with this?
8. [+130, -6] Even when Lee Ha Na was buried in the ground, she still not afraid of going alone
9. [+95, -6] The Police are always slow ㅋ In reality, the police would have arrived fast…
tv Naver: Blood at Fantasia! What is the meaning behind John 9:41 ?!
1. [+99, -4] Everytime i hear Kim Jae-wook Giggling my heart start trembling…
2. [+90, -2] I did not see wrong , He pulled out his eyeballs;; He is really amazing…
3. [+81, -1] When the chief center was alone, i was so nervous::

4. [+61, -3] Kim Jae-wook’s playing around with the chief center

5. [+54, -2] If you were going to the crime scene you should take the cops with you, why did you go aloneㅠㅠ..

6. [+40, -1] John 9:41: “Jesus said, ‘If you have a blind man, you will have no sin.’

7. [+30, -1] I had goosebumps when the eyeballs came out;; The culprit has gone beyond the level of a psychopath

Voice EP09: 5.4%
Voice EP10: 5.7%
1N2D + New Journey to the West 3 + Rating Actress Kim Ji Young Passes Away After Bravely Fighting Lung Cancer For 2 Years

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