[Spoilers] Vagabond (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Heraldpop: ‘Vagabond’ first episode, Lee Seung Gi lost his nephew in an airplane terror…Started chasing the person behind it

1.[+2009, -239] The action is daebak

2.[+1790, -133] Personally, whether it’s the directing or acting, they’re so immersive, It’s just the first episode but it was so good! there is just one little thing…Because of the ads, It’s being cut into 3 parts which is bothering me!

3.[+1248, -199] The immersion is insane…time just flew by…I cried with Lee Seung Gi when he cried, he is so good at acting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4.[+926, -70] Wow…i watched it without releasing an hour went by, the ads…

5.[+726, -95] So fun…

6.[+412, -50] It was seriously like watching a movie..Suzy is also suspicious, Everyone except Cha Dal Gun seems to be bad..

7.[+537, -181] Suzy’s acting is good, Seung Gi’s acting is good, the action was daebak and the quality is daebak…It’s so fun…

8.[+368, -27] It’s was fun..the ads are the flaws, how could they cut it when Seung Gi was crying and put an ad, I’m speechless

9.[+385, -69] An hour felt like just 10 minutes, It was exciting and so immersive. As much as Lee Seung Gi worked hard, the action was so good! Suzy’s acting was natural and good. Daebak!

10.[+318, -51] We finally got a drama to watch on a public tv channel^^

11.[+352, -112] Suzy’s acting was good and she was pretty. Vagabond is so fun. Lee Seung Gi’s action was daebak. As expected, It’s a masterpiece

12.[+283, -5] Wow it’s really so fun!!! I thought I was watching a movie ㅎㅎ I was in awe with Suzy’s beauty in her first appearance and I was in awe again with Lee Seung Gi’s action scene!!! Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s acting are both good and the story is solid ㅎ

Rating: 6.3% | 8% | 10.4%