[Spoilers] Trap (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Mt Star: ‘Trap’ first episode, Lee Seo Jin started the game with Yoon Kyung Ho…Sung Dong Il witnessed Jo Dal Hwan falling

1.[+289, -75] Lee Seo Jin is good at acting. It’s so fun~ and scary

2.[+196, -4] The cottage owner hard carried ㅋㅋㅋ

3.[+133, -11] A worth watching drama after a while, It’s really like a movie!

4.[+122, -25] It’s scary…It’s the same writer as Ten, It’s creepy but Lee Seo Jin fits the role really well?

5.[+59, -3] Will we ever see Seo Young Hee happy in a korean drama or movie?

6.[+49, -1] Rather than Lee Seo Jin, the female secretary is bad at acting…

7.[+133, -74] Lee Seo Jin’s acting is good? oh my god

8.[+67, -29] Lee Seo Jing’s acting is not bad, I don’t understand why are you saying he can’t act ㅠ I’m curious about the content and the development of this drama

9.[+47, -9] Seriously Jo Dal Hwan’s acting…Rather than Lee Seo Jin who I was looking forward to I found myself only looking for Jo Dal Hwan

Naver – Xports News: ‘Trap’ Lee Seo Jin found his son’s corpse…Im Hwa Young x Sung Dong Il started to corporate

1.[+1278, -199] Lee Seo Jin’s acting hasn’t improved but isn’t harsh to call it foot-acting (bad acting)? He is not that bad at acting

2.[+623, -28] The content is fun and thriller but the secretary is the acting hole

3.[+423, -17] I can’t hear the dialogues ㅠ

4.[+282, -35] Who is the secretary actress?..we keep seeing her and she gets in the way of getting immersed. Anyways she had enough today~

5.[+187, -27] There is no need to talk about Sung Dong Ill and Lee Seo Jin is the best at getting immersed, why are they cursing him

6.[+137, -5] The profiler, the secretary and the CEO…ㅠㅠ the content is fresh but they should have cast better actors. One of the reasons why I watch OCN dramas so far is that they always have actors who are good at acting but the casting this time…ㅠㅠ

7.[+144, -15] I am curious about the profiler’s agency, she is not that good at acting but she always gets major roles. The profiler and the secretary casting is a pity

8.[+177, -4] It’s a pre-produced but I can’t hear the dialogues ㅠ Sometimes I don’t hear it even though the volume is high


E01: 2.4%
E02: 3.7%

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