[Spoilers] Trap E03 + Rating

Naver – Heraldcorp: ‘Trap’ Lee Seo Jin x Sung Dong Il’s past has been revealed…”Why are you keeping your mouth shut?”

1.[+404, -121] Lee Seo Jin’s acting is a little awkward

2.[+181, -19] There are a lot of comments about this and that but the drama is fun. If you like the genre you can enjoy watching it

3.[+168, -6] The scene were he wore the priest’s clothes was a little unpleasant…

4.[+237, -88] Lee Seo Jin’s acting is a little disappointing. His emotional and facial expressions are awkward

5.[+117, -11] The plot is not bad but the content is a little distracting, it’s hard to consentrate

6.[+107, -9] The profiler doesn’t have any charisma. she is just a good-looking and cute mask. It perfect for young sister role on a weekend drama. Compared to her recognition, the role is too big for her…

7.[+76, -9] Lee Seo Jin can’t act but so does the profiler and the secretary ㅠㅠ Especially the profiler’s clothes, why is she dressing like that? Her acting doesn’t feel serious, her tone is high and she is wearing a blue scarf while investigating a serious case ㅠ…

8.[+72, -5] I hoped that they didn’t mess with the son ㅜㅜ Strangely, it’s hard to watch young kids getting hurt or die

9.[+63, -6] I can’t understood sacrificing a kid cruelly even if it is drama! It’s too excessive, too much violence is ruining the drama

10.[+47, -7] I enjoy watching Lee Seo Jin’s drama. I’m a fan of him and Sung Dong Il. Fighting and stay strong

11.[+45, -10] Lee Seo Jin is good at acting~~ I enjoy watching it~~

12.[+32, -3] Please do something about the acting of Lee Seo Jin’s secretary

Rating: 2.8%

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