[Spoilers] The Light In Your Eyes E09-10 + Rating

Naver – Xports News: ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ Nam Joo Hyuk cries hard for
Jung Yeong Suk’s death…He got kidnapped by Kim Hee Won

1.[+2561, -20] When Nam Joo Hyuk covered his face and cried soundlessly, that scene was really sad…He felt like an actor, he didn’t use any strength and was natural…Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting has improved a lot.

2.[+1683, -18] Nam Joo Hyuk’s improved acting is dazzling

3.[+967, -61] Why is the content keep flowing like this? ㅠㅠ

4.[+666, -12] Please make Joon Ha happy, the content is depressing but I will trust the elderlies avengers from the preview and watch it again

5.[+357, -12] Ah please don’t hurt Joon Ha ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠ

6.[+269, -4] When grandma channel’s son appeared at the end of the funeral…I wanted him (Joon Ha) to tell him to get lost and beat him up…but thinking of grandma channel, he couldn’t do that…Ah…he calls himself a son…

7.[+270, -6] Nam Joo Hyuk practiced hard since he is acting with respected sunbaes in this drama. I don’t see anyone saying he is bad at acting

8.[+260, -2] This drama is telling us to cherish and love our lives and express our love to the people who are precious to us, The message behind ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ is that all of our lives are dear and precious…

9.[+180, -4] I was surprised because Nam Joo Hyuk is good at acting…

Naver – Xports News: ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ Kim Hye Ja has Alzheimer ‘a shocking ending’

1.[+9309, -99] Writer-nim daebak. It was from the perspective of someone who has dementia…Until now, dementia has been expressed by the people around the patient where it makes their lives difficult and the patient often says things that don’t make sense…But this is about someone who is longing for her beautiful past and kept living there…From the beginning, this wasn’t about turning back time…today’s ending made senses of everything that happened

2.[+5398, -102] It’s the best twist in dramas

3.[+3623, -102] It’s a meaningful twist. It was a refreshing twist and a new way to look at Alzheimer’s…! goosebumps + touched!

4.[+2563, -74] It’s dissociative alzheimer…she lived her youth and married her husband…they even had a child. One day, her husband died in an accident. but she kept living and one day she got alzheimer and forgot all her recent memories, she only remembers her young self (Han Jimin)…that’s why she said ‘I’m young and I got old suddenly. Oh I time traveled..’ It was a dream in a dream…but that happens when someone suddenly loses their memories, It’s sad.

5.[+2645, -271] I was right, I thought it was alzheimer^^ Kim Hye Ja was in the nursing house, Nam Joo Hyuk was in charge of her as he told the doctor, she remembered her past when she saw him, and the person who has the watch was the responsible for Nam Joo Hyuk’s death, that’s why he is shocked whenever he sees Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Hye Ja thought that her life wouldn’t have turned this way if it wasn’t for that man and turning back time has a symbolic meaning to it~~ I just think this is what happen

6.[+957, -11] It is overwhelming. How can someone write something like this? Writer-nim, you are amazing. And I was amazed by Kim Hye Ja’s acting. Kim Hye Ja-nim, thank you for your good acting!

7.[+936, -8] There was a reason why Ahn Nae Sang’s expression changed whenever she called him ‘dad’ ㅠㅠ

8.[+918, -22] She must have imagined saving her husband from torture. The old man in wheelchair must have been the torturer. The scene where they showed the pictures of the elders when they were young on the bus, It was touching. It was unrealistic how they saved him but it was fun, It was just an imagination that’s why it’s possible. The twist at the end hurts. It’s a good piece.

9.[+809, -7] I thought it was a fantasy but turned out to be the cruel reality ㅠ

10.[+834, -7] The sunset scene was cool…I chocked up watching the pictures of the elders when they were young…I will also grow old someday…

E09: 7.7%
E10: 7.8%