[Spoilers] The Light In Your Eyes E03-05 + Rating

Naver – Sports MK: ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ Kim Hye Ja “I just want to die”

1.[+1071, -6] It’s funny and sad, as expected, Kim Hye Ja-nim’s acting is amazing…she is also cute

2.[+687, -34] Wow…Joo Hyuk’s acting was always this good? He is cool and now that he is good at acting, my heart flutters whenever I see him

3.[+243, -6] It’s totally fun and sad~

4.[+244, -12] Han Jimin suddenly grew old and became Kim Hye Ja was really sad

5.[+220, -1] Ahn Nae Sang’s emotional acting is really immersive! this is what an actor is…

6.[+175, -1] I thought tvN makes well dramas but JTBC is improving day by day~ The Light In Your Eyes is so fun

Naver – Sports Chosun: “I’m her aunt’s grandmother’…’The Light In Your Eyes’ Kim Hye Ja sadly lied to Nam Joo Hyuk

1.[+1273, -9] Ah seriously every time Son Ho Joon comes out it becomes funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2.[+730, -4] Son Ho Joon’s character may look like a loser brother but he is the only person who treats Kim Hye Ja the same as before she grow old ㅜㅜㅜ

3.[+705, -9] Today was so sad, funny and fun ㅠㅠ My heart hurt for Nam Joo Hyuk…I hope he recognize Hye Ja soon

4.[+446, -9] I laughed, I cried and then I cried and laughed… my heart hurts…It’s a well made drama. I miss Han Jimin

5.[+327, -9] Hye Ja unnie is so cute and pitiful, I feel sad and my heart hurts for Nam Joo Hyuk

6.[+260, -3] They are talking about all generations…The young, the middle aged and the old…They are portraying well the joys and sorrows of each generation!!! (Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting is also stable and he is handsome)

Naver – Sports Seoul: ‘The Light in Your Eyes’ Nam Joo Hyuk tells Kim Hye Ja “I don’t want to see you again”

1.[+2253, -71] Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting has seriously improved a lot ㅠㅠ This time, I realized he is an actor with potentials

2.[+1592, -17] Actress Kim Hye Ja is amazing for acting such role…

3.[+810, -21] It’s a cute and warm drama ㅜㅜㅜ All characters are lovely

4.[+793, -27] Seeing Joo Hyuk ruining himself hurts my heart ㅠ

5.[+551, -106] I’m sure this will be the second Sky Castle

6.[+328, -7] He blames Hye Ja that much? It was just ‘some’? I think It wasn’t just a ‘some’ relationship;; I think there’s a past that Hye Ja can’t remember…I think there is a part that they didn’t show the viewers yet…same thing with Ahn Nae Sang’s leg too

7.[+286, -7] Honestly, 12 episodes are too short ㅠㅠ Extend it to 16 episodes please…It’s really fun, I was surprised to find out it only has 12 episodes

8.[+262, -8] Nam Joo Hyuk’s rediscovery!!! It’s the first time I feel the sorrow in his eyes..

9.[+245, -2] Yes, this is the egg~~~ Young Soo -ah, eat the eggs~~

10.[+232, -11] Son Ho Joon is so funny and handsome


E03: 3.7%
E04: 5.4%
E05: 5.8%

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