[Spoilers] The Ghost Detective E17-18 + Rating


Daum – Xports News: ‘The Ghost Detective’ Lee Ji Ah told the truth about her father’s suicide 

1.[+59, -24] Lee Ji Ah’s acting is awesome. A good casting

2.[+40, -20] This is seriously the most fun wed/thur drama, the ratings are a pity…It’s a little loose now but till episode 14 every time it ends I get more curious, the immersion is no joke. I don’t know why people aren’t watching this. Also Lee Ji Ah is good at acting…I think this is the most character that got me immersed in a drama…and honestly she has the best acting among the young female actresses….anyways the drama is fun

3.[+12, -0] I liked Choi Daniel since the drama he had with Jang Na Ra…this role matches him too..I liked so much…Park Eun Bin is lovely too, Lee Ji Ah’s unique atmosphere matches her well and as expected of Kim Won Hae-nim…I usually don’t write comments, I’m cheering for you~

4.[+10, -1] Time goes by so fast, it’s so fun but Yeo Wool is a little frustrating

5.[+8, -2] It’s really so fun, how can I wait till next week? Choi Daniel, Park Eun Bin, Lee Ji Ah…they are all good at acting

6.[+4, -0] I feel like i become a fan of Choi Daniel, Kim Won Hae doesn’t needs any words and I’m cheering for Park Eun Bin too

7.[+3, -0] It’s so fun…It’s a little creepy to watch at night so i watch the rerun in the morning ㅠㅠ

8.[+3, -0] This is fun and scary ㅠ The main actors are good at acting~

Rating: 2.3% | 2.2%