[Spoilers] The Ghost Detective E11-12 + Rating



Naver – Heraldcorp: “The Ghost Detective” The angry Choi Daniel, Instead of Lee Eun Bin he stabbed Lee Ji Ah’s body

1.[+729, -9] If they only reconsidered the title. It’s not just a detective drama…

2.[+272, -13] I curious about how will Da Il pay for the power he borrowed and how did Sun Woo Hye survive? ㅠㅜ I’m curious about a lot of things, how can I wait till next week ㅠㅜ Everyone, Please watch “The Ghost Detective” it’s so fun

3.[+199, -10] Da Il can’t become an evil spirit ㅠㅠㅠ

4.[+103, -6] It’s fun

5.[+93, -2] It is not even tvN, It’s really fascinating to see a drama like this on KBS, I praise them. These genres are totally welcomed. I hope they make more dramas with these materials! Also I’m watching this drama with a lot of fun!^^

6.[+48, -1] This drama is totally on another level…I don’t notice the time passing…It’s hard to wait a week ㅠㅠ especially today’s ending..ㅋㅋ a week…it’s long ㅠㅠ Please don’t make the drama have a good first episodes but dull ending…ㅎㅎ after seeing the article about the ending in the morning…I’m more looking forward to it ㅎㅎ (t/n: basically there was an article of the writer saying that the ending has been decided already and it won’t change no matter what)

7.[+41, -1] The reason why Da Il could touch objects and open the door…Da Il had to put himself in risk to get rid of Sun Woo Hye so he went to that evil spirit in the tunnel and asked about a way to do it and i’m sure he told him that the only way is to have that evil spirit enter his body so the evil spirit has borrowed his body….I’m sure that the evil spirit was in need of a body to stay in for a while since the body he is using has a hole in it…So the evil spirit entered Da Il’s body, and that’s why Da Il’s eyes turned red like those who were possessed by Sun Woo Hye

8.[+33, -1] There is no acting hole, everyone is so good at acting, before it felt like a horror movie, everything was creepy but now i find it fun and I prepare myself for the aftermath before watching it ㅠㅠ

9.[+29, -0] The ghost ajhussi was the best today, his face was scary

10.[+30, -2] Lee Ji Ah is alive!!!!! This is so fun! I thought it was about a detective, but then I was surprised because it was horror, but it is still so fun!

Rating: 3% | 3.3%