[Spoilers] The Game: Towards Zero (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘The Game’ first episode, Ok TaecYeon x Lee Yeon Hee, is it an ill-fated relationship or is it lovers?…Jang So Yeon’s daughter got kidnapped

1.[+493, -62] Lee Yeon Hee’s tone as a detective is really awkward

2.[+414, -61] Lee Yeon Hee can’t even act better than an idol

3.[+312, -22] The moment Lee Yeon Hee said “It’s the police!!” I realized it. How many years has she been acting, who doesn’t know she can’t act? There are a lot of controversies about her bad acting every time, I don’t get why she keeps getting lead

4.[+166, -44] The acting is bad

5.[+101, -8] Lee Yeon Hee’s acting is seriously…I think she should just stop

6.[+74, -3] I got annoyed listening to Lee Yeon Hee’s lines;;;; Isn’t this too much? please have a conscience;;;

7.[+83, -21] I was going to watch it if it’s fun and since its fun i will watch it

8.[+60, -5] Lee Yeon Hee’s “don’t move, it’s the police” ㅎㅎㅎㅎ it was so cringy

9.[+57, -4] Lee Yeon Hee should quit acting

10.[+54, -8] The story is interesting but not the actor

11.[+38, -4] Long time no see Ok TaecYeon ㄷㄷㄷ

12.[+34, -4] The acting should be good to be worth watching, what’s fun about watching bad acting

13.[+48, -19] It’s was okay…it’s worth watching!!

14.[+29, -8] I find it fun…The story is interesting and the acting wasn’t bad. I will keep an eye on it~!

Rating: 2.7% | 3.8%