[Spoilers] The Fiery Priest E03-04 + Rating

Naver – News1: ‘The Fiery Priest’ Kim Nam Gil use his angry fist on Kim Sung Kyun…Will he reveal that Jung Dong Hwan was falsely accused?

1.[+1194, -11] How can i wait till next weekㅠㅠ~~~ It’s so fun

2.[+1114, -11] When Kim Nam Gil walked in while smiling he was so cool and handsome…He is really handsome

3.[+1082, -10] Kim Nam Gil suits sageuk dramas but also fits well with a comedic character like this ㅋ

4.[+686, -9] I burst out laughing when Kim Sung Kyun became
Munch’s ‘The Scream’ (t/n: the painting)

5.[+643, -9] Kim Nam Gil is good at acting. Even with fast dialogues, i can hear well his pronunciation. I’m happy to watch a drama after a long time^^

6.[+224, -3] When Kim Nam Gil came in while smiling, his acting was crazy, wow

7.[+189, -4] I’m looking forward to next week, seems like it’s getting more fun

8.[+184, -5] Today’s genre was Kim Nam Gil. 1-hour just flew by, when will next friday come

9.[+164, -5] Kim Nam Gil’s second renaissance♡

10.[+140, -4] The police are really the same as burning sun case right now, the relations between politics and business

11.[+113, -2] Writer-nim, thank you for making Kim Nam Gil wear the priest robe

12.[+111, -9] I’m looking forward to Kim Won Hae who only appeared for 2 secs (his character name is Vladimir Kozayev ㅋㅋㅋ) At the end, when Kim Nam Gil came in smiling, it was so funny, let’s reach 20%~~~

Rating: 8.6% | 11.2%

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