[Spoilers] The Crowned Clown E03-04 + Rating

Naver – Newsen: ‘The Crowned Clown’ Deepen clown Yeo Jin Goo ♥ Lee Se Young, will she abandon King Yeo Jin Goo?

1.[+2025, -16] Yeo Jin Goo’s acting is admirable

2.[+1645, -21] Yeo Jin Goo has the best acting among the actors in their 20s…From his voice tone he’s born with to his vocalization, it is perfect, the flow of his emotions is so natural too…ㅋ

3.[+1184, -14] It’s 1 person doing 2 roles but both are so different it feels like someone else is doing it. Originally, when someone does 2 roles there will be some overlapping but the characters are so different that it really seems like he is another person. It’s fun watching Yeo Jin Goo, i’m looking forward to mon-thue because of him.

4.[+742, -17] I like it so much when they play Schubert’s Serenade in melo parts ㅠㅠㅠ the directing is the best

5.[+345, -18] It’s fun

6.[+214, -2] There is no hole in acting and even though i know everything about the content, it’s still not loose and fun. Yeo Jin Goo is playing 2 characters, there is no scene where he doesn’t appear and he has a lot of lines, his gaze and tone changes 180 degrees, his acting is amazing ㄷㄷㄷ i thought he was a different person

7.[+188, -8] I’m glad they didn’t use any idols for the lead roles ㅋㅋ

8.[+173, -1] It’s so good. Even the supporting cast is perfect. As expected, acting should be done by an actor

9.[+165, -8] The queen is also good at acting and she is pretty

10.[+160, -3] Lee Se Young’s acting…is natural and good, i thought it was already good since before…it’s not forced but natural, an acting suitable for the queen…it’s comfortable to watch..

Naver – Mt: ‘The Crowned Clown’ Yeo Jin Goo had a heated discussion with Kim Sang Kyung “You let your guard down first”

1.[+382, -5] This drama is so fun why aren’t you watching…? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2.[+135, -1] I hate sageuk dramas but i turned it by accident and i kept on watching it…Oh, i want to watch episode 1,2,3..ㄷㄷㄷ…I’m glad it’s still on it’s fourth episode

3.[+134, -1] It’s fun, Yeo Jin Goo is daebak, let’s go up to 15%

4.[+61, -6] It’s fun, i’m looking forward to it!! it’s like the drama version of ‘Masquerade’

5.[+56, -5] Yeo Jin Goo’s acting is better than Lee Byung Hun, the characters are good too.

6.[+48, -1] You are making him a king just like that? The chief royal secretary is genius…he created the same scar and turned him completely into a king

7.[+45, -0] The PD chose really beautiful backgrounds, the lighting is good, the editing is done well, the camera angles are good and the cinematography is to kill for, I’ll have to search her work in the future too

8.[+34, -1] This drama is crazy, it’s so fun. You’re the king of this nation!!

9.[+32, -0] The ending was awesome ㄷㄷ


E03: 8%

E04: 8.9%

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