[Spoilers] Sky Castle E15 preview!

Naver – Mk: ‘Sky Castle’ Episode 15 preview was released…Searching for the culprit of Kim Bo Ra’s fall

1.[+863, -51] Hye Na’s death is too salty. In the end, it seems that the weakest link is that Hye Na was sacrificed to show us our reality

2.[+554, -56] The killer seems to be her father Kang Joon Sang. Hye Na waited for someone on the balcony before she was killed and touched the wall with an exciting look on her face while also wandering around. Hye Na has no feelings for Woo Joo and all she wants is to be recognized as a daughter to her father, that’s why she was waiting for Kang Joon Sang. He didn’t want to lose his honor and family so he killed her out of greed…Kim Joo Young recorded Ye Seo’s phone call that’s why the police think she is the killer so the family will break down.

3.[+321, -21] Since she just fell, there is a possibility she will be alive, it looks like she died but Hye Na will never die

4.[+227, -31] Hye Na will sacrifice herself to reveal the ugliness of the castle.

5.[+155, -28] It looks like she tried to kill herself to screw Yum Jung Ah…Anyway, Hye Na doesn’t have anything to lose anymore, so she tried to commit suicide and blame it on her (Yum Jung Ah).

6.[+58, -5] You don’t know the basics of drama…If you are looking for a twist, the person with a motive will never kill Hye Na…Hye Na fell on her own…

7.[+50, -2] It’s true that Hye Na committed suicide, Castle people are fighting each other till they destroy themselves and that’s what Hye Na aimed for.

8.[+48, -2] Woo Joo is the one who got hurt the most … if he knew Hye Na’s intentions…

9.[+42, -2] She committed suicide on Woo Joo’s birthday out of all the days…

10.[+21, -1] Even though it’s a drama, I still don’t think she sacrificed herself…

tv.Naver: [Episode 15 preview] I will show you what a real headache is

1.[+4568, -22] Castle people are biting each other because of Hye Na’s death…

2.[+4234, -31] ㄷㄷㄷ It’s really a masterpiece that comes out once in ten years.

3.[+3408, -34] It seems like Se Ri and Pa Gook have reconciled ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (t/n: Pa Gook is professor Cha’s nickname in ‘Goblin’)

4.[+3307, -13] I didn’t even think of Se Ri

5.[+2458, -29] Wow this is what Hye Na wanted

6.[+1834, -11] What do you mean Ye Seo, Woo Joo and Se Ri are the suspects?

7.[+1599, -8] The atmosphere has suddenly changed to Timing Game..? (t/n: i didn’t know how to explain the game so just watch this: Here)

8.[+1481, -11] Hul what’s with Woo Joo…?

9.[+1301, -15] Now the drama will take the direction of finding who killed Hye Na!! Friday come fast!!!

10.[+931, -125] As expected, she didn’t fall by herself ㅠ I hope Hye Na is not dead but unconscious ㅠ

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Ohhh all these theories on the commentss makes me dizzy lol. Pannatic, kkumnetz,and now netizendrama. Friday come faster pleaseeee

4.[+227, -31] Hye Na will sacrifice herself to reveal the ugliness of the castle
Ugh when Hyena appeared as the only common people character (before her mom x yesuh’s dad secret revealed) I got a feeling she would be that kind of character. I also expect her to die at some points but that ep 14 ending still shocks me. Also with all these theories of Woojin being sickminded.. Ah I want to see them being happy :(((

I think all the kids were questioned because Hyena had last letter about how despise she is with all the spoiled brats in sky castle, like all they need to do is just study well, parents still complete and dont need to worry over tuition and living costs /sigh.

I hope she’s still alive.. maybe having coma but I hope she’s safe..

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