[Spoilers] Return E23-24 + Rating

Naver – heraldpop: ‘Return’ Park Jin Hee’s daughter is a victim of the four friends
1.[+1756, -736] Park Jin Hee’s so good at acting. Especially when she cried, I cried with her. Return’s actors are all good at acting. All actors and stuff, fighting

2.[+1527, -669] Park Jin Hee daebak!! no need to say

3.[+1324, -552] Park Jin Hee is really good at acting! It’s sad but It seems she will kill herself at the end ㅠ

4.[+1187, -506] Park Jin Hee hul, I was immersed the whole time, I enjoyed watching it but I hope she is fine with her pregnancy 

5.[+1021, -382] I’m worried, she is pregnant but she is laying down on a cold floor while acting such an emotional scene. However, she did a good job delivering the feelings of losing her daughter, she is surprisingly getting better at acting

6.[+447, -82] How can she sleep in a comfortable bed with a warm blanket while her daughter died in the cold sea…I now understand why Choi Ja Hye was always laying down on a cold floor ㅠ

7.[+432, -149] The 4 friends are all bad, Oh Tae Seok and Kim Hak Beom are just garbage, Joon Hee is a rapist and In Hoo is a hit-and-run driver…How many people’s lives were ruined because of these four?

8.[+438, -165] I cried on Park Jin Hee’s scene

9.[+477, -211] Park Jin Hee is working hard, I really cried with her acting, It was so natural. I don’t even remember the previous female lead. This is the power of acting, daebak~~♥

10.[+330, -8] The scene that explains why Choi Ja Hye has done all of this…My heart hurts ㅠ Choi Ja Hye will be punished later, but I think she will end her life 

11.[+312, -66] Every mother’s heart will hurt and cry ㅜㅜ My tears kept on falling

12.[+400, -158] Today, Park Jin Hee was really good at acting, now she seems to fit and I can get immersed


Rating: 13.7% | 16.2%

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