[Spoilers] Return E19-20 + Rating

Naver – xports news: ‘Return’ Park Jin Hee and Oh Dae Hwan were partners…Will there be another victim?

1. [+3269, -196] Choi Jae Hyun became a lawayer at the age of 32. She probably raised a child alone in her early 20s and that child was killed by the 4 friends including Yeom Mi Jung. They weren’t punished since they were minors so she became a lawyer to take her revenge and then they had another victim that’s why Kim Soo-hyun’s brother joined her in making a plan and taking revenge.

2. [+2577, -241] Is the person who took the picture Choi Jae Hye’s daughter? Park Jin Hee’s face in the broken mirror was daebak scary

3. [+1778, -269] It’s fun but scary…

4. [+1569, -476] Choi Jae Hye gave me goosebumps~~~ It’s can be scary but it’s so fun

5. [+672, -43] With the autopsy they knew that the child is Choi Jae-hye’s daughter and that’s why they changed the reason of death to a traffic accident.

6. [+597, -44] Ko Seok Soon didn’t disclose Choi Jae Hye’s daughter case and for some reason she changed into hit-and-run traffic accident

7. [+542, -53] The mirror scene was a shock

8. [+496, -30] Is Geum Na Ra pregnant? That was the only think for her to put on weight…I think there is something with her too

9. [+522, -67] Seeing Park Jin Hee in the mirror was a shock

10. [+516, -68] Today Park Jin Hee looked really scary when she came out in the mirror
11. [+589, -167] I got goosebumps when Park Jin Hee came out in the mirror
12. [+480, -87] Today the 4 friends + Choi Ja Hye + Geum Na Ra’s dinner scene was daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
13. [+572, -199] Today Park Ki Woong + the other friends’ acting was daebak…
Rating: 11.5% | 15.2%
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