[Spoilers] Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People EP16 + Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘Rebel’ Kim Jung Tae starts his counterattack…Yoon Gyun Sang♥Chae Soo Bin Pink Romance

1. [+744, -6] I thought Ahn Nae Sang was a good sunbae but it turns out he is a intermediate boss…

2. [+493, -7] Ahn Nae Sang is kinda annoying…

3. [+410, -20] Today Gil Dong and Ga Ryung’s kissing scene did everything…their acting, the way they look at each other…ah….i was really impressed…In the meantime, Chae Soo Bin is really pretty..

4. [+337, -10] Waw, from now the story will begin ㄷㄷYoon Gyeong-sang and the royal family opposed each other. Didn’t watch the broadcast because of The defendant but from next week i’ll make sure to watch it!

5. [+283, -11] As expected, Jeong Da Bin is Gil Dong’s youngest sister…

6. [+204, -1] I thought Ahn Nae Sang was the good guy but it turns out he was completely class-centered trash ㅠ

7. [+171, -1] Lee Su Min has child Uh Ri Ni’s face….

8. [+159, -8] Lee Su Min looks more like child Uh ri ni…Jeong Da Bin is Uh Ri Ni but i can’t find a resemblances~~ However, Gil Dong and Ga Ryung are so sweet~~ Gil Dong is taller and bigger, that’s why my heart fluttersㅋㅋㅋ Since Prince Choong Won and Mori are back, i’m looking forward to more tension >_<

9. [+90, -2] Just make Lee Su Min play Uh Ri Ni…I know Jeong Da Bin plays that role but every time i think about Uh Ri ni my eyes go to Lee Su Min…

10. [+72, -0] Ahn Nae Sang’s dressed like a gentleman but he is the complete opposite

Rating: 8.8%
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