[Spoilers] One Spring Night E05-06 + Rating

Naver – Osen: “If I follow my heart just once”…’One Spring Night’ Jung Hae In crossed the line and went to the library to see Han Jimin

1.[+1849, -30] Honestly, in reality this will be considered cheating ㅜㅠ even though it looks pitiful in the drama~ It’s my first time seeing Kim Jun Han, he is good at acting naturally!

2.[+1482, -20] Tell your boyfriend soon. If you told him there is someone else who makes your heart flutter, he will feel bad but that’s you feelings what can he do? But if he finds out that you lied and met someone else, he will feel betrayed and angry. Even if you two kept being careful, people will still find out. there is a change in feelings. Well, it’s a drama so I’m sure they will get to see everything slowly. From the boyfriend point of view, i feel bad for him…

3.[+1195, -116] What wrong did you boyfriend do? ㅡㅡ You’re both cheating on him and rationalize it, If I do it it’s an affair and If you do it it’s romance

4.[+593, -36] If you come to me now, there’s no going back…what’s with the preview

5.[+450, -21] You shouldn’t have glamorized…But even if you curse at him, I still understand Jung Hae In. It’s realistic…

6.[+369, -24] Han Jimin’s character is not that good. When Yoo Ji Hoo told her they can’t be friends she should have left it there but she ended up being his friend and started having feelings for him, she gets irritated and cold with her boyfriend who didn’t nothing to her and he things that he did something wrong in their long term relationship…

7.[+351, -19] In reality, Jung Hae In is a bad guy. On top of having a kid, he is pursuing his sunbae’s girlfriend. And Han Jimin shouldn’t be doing this to her long term boyfriend. But I’m still cheering for these two.

8.[+329, -6] Actor Kim Jun Han’s acting is insane. When he asked if there is someone else, his facial expression changed. He is really good at acting

9.[+259, -22] But honestly, I can’t sympathy with Yoo Ji Ho and Lee Jung In’s love story. A person who has difficulty in dating fell in love with a girl who was looking for a hangover medicine???

10.[+191, -16] I feel empathy for the boyfriend ㅜ It’s so uncomfortable ㅠ the way Han Jimin is cold and have an attitude with him ㅠㅠ

11.[+176, -14] the OST is so loud that i can’t hear the dialogue and sometimes it doesn’t suit the scene, I’m watching it for Jung Hae In^^ My heart aches for Ji Ho…his sad shoulder and expressions…he is really good at acting…

12.[+160, -1] But…In reality, there is no guaranty that Jung Hae In will not end up like Kim Jun Han later. But nevertheless, you can’t help it when you have new and heart fluttering feelings…It’s just sad and upsetting…ㅜㅜ

Rating: 4% | 6.1%

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