[Spoilers] My Mister E03 + Rating

Naver – sportschosun: ‘My Mister’ Lee Ji Eun suddenly hugs Lee Sun Kyun…He totally fell in the trap
1.[+921, -315] Ah seriously….Ji An is really at the edge of the cliff…I can’t even imagine how it will become healing later ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ I’m looking forward to episode 4

2.[+792, -237] Today had the best thrill. The development is fast. Park Dong Hoon started to use his brain

3.[+733, -217] She planned it with her friend to take a picture ㅋㅋ and she didn’t kiss him ㅇㅇ Lee Sun Kyun stopped her but she will used to get him fired of the company 

4.[+725, -234] I’m totally looking forward to tomorrow

5.[+658, -236] Wa it’s fun. Because of her debts she created a scandal. She is smart 

6.[+322, -55] Will Lee Sun Kyun get fired because of the picture?…IU has a scary detailed character. Send her to the NIS 

7.[+295, -58] It’s not healing but total spy!? She is quick-witted! It’s fun!

8.[+273, -42] I’m curious about Ji An’s friend who is always with her

9.[+271, -46] Dong Hoon is pitiful ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ji An had a great big picture

10.[+254, -35] As Ji An eavesdrop, she will get to know a little more about Dong Hoon, she will know that there is another person just like her who is enduring too much and living hard, I think she will act as a double spy? This drama’s points are the debts and the parents, the people who lives only for today without thinking about tomorrow like Ji An, Dong Hoon and his brothers are searching for human beauty and gradually changing.

Naver – Osen: ‘My Mister’ Lee Ji Eun started tempting Lee Sun Kyun…A forced kiss
1.[+346, -51] But she didn’t kiss him? What the hell is wrong with the title..

2.[+359, -67] She only tempted him to get the picture…Ji An is scary detailed…Dong Hoon will be wronged again ㅠ

3.[+349, -60] Ji An created the scandal on purpose so Dong Hoon can get fired. She just pretended so she can take the picture….Lee Ji An is scary

4.[+317, -47] Ji An is in a hurry because of her debts so that’s why she did that;; Dong Hoon is the king of getting fired

5.[+218, -25] Daebak, she pretended to kiss him so she can take a picture and get him fired ㅋㅋㅋ

6.[+209, -25] Park Dong Hoon is being screwed again ㄷㄷㄷ Ji An had a really great big picture 

7.[+206, -24] She didn’t kiss him, she created an affair to get him fired, what a big picture ㅇㅇ Her friend took a picture

8.[+174, -21] The three brothers are the best ㅠ

9.[+174, -2] Ji An is smart 

10.[+165, -16] The director lost the contract and the Manager got into a scandal…wow daebak


Rating: 3.4%