[Spoilers] My Husband Oh Jak Doo E11-12 + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘My Husband’ Uee throw everything for Kim Kang Woo
1.[+689, -7] Kim Kang Woo should have made a rom/com earlier~

2.[+537, -12] Kim Kang Woo is heart fluttering and cool~

3.[+448, -9] I’m glad we go to see sweet scenes between Jak Doo and Seung Joo…Seung Joo will protect Oh Hyuk no matter what~

4.[+382, -10] They are both sweet and pretty, It’s really fun

5.[+360, -5] I like Oh Jak Doo so much

6.[+142, -4] Kim Kang Woo should have played this type of roles earlier, he is good at acting, Let’s do this from now on

7.[+131, -7] Uee seems to have a good chemistry with actors who are older. Same for Lee Seo Jin and now Kim Kang Woo…She didn’t have a good chemistry with Manhole’s male lead

8.[+122, -1] I fell for Jak Doo…Kim Kang Woo let’s only walk on flower path now. All along his roles where a shame but now I like Oh Jak Doo~ If only it was a daily drama…ㅠ how can I wait another week…

9.[+118, -1] Jak Doo’s dialect is so good and he has the best personality

10.[+115, -1] Oh Jak Doo is cosplay as an awkward/shy countryman but the kiss today he was like a total player~~~

11.[+112, -4] Some people still don’t know about this drama yet~~ I hope the ratings get higher

12.[+101, -4] Raise your hand if you watched the broadcast!

13.[+97, -1] Oh Jak Doo is so cool, he is so heart fluttering♡♡♡

14.[+87, -0] Director Jo is also cute


Rating: 9.5% | 12.7%
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