[Spoilers] Mother (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – sports chosun: ‘Mother’ Lee Bo Young, decided to leave with an abused child

1. [+4329, -39] In reality they will do more? Human endometriosis…

2. [+3554, -43] How hard is it for the child that she asked the birds to take her to heaven…ㅜㅜ

3. [+2769, -49] This is so sad, that man is not even a human

4. [+2213, -50] The last scene…I was touched

5. [+1956, -52] Good rating!!! Looking forward to a better future~ Fighting!

6. [+643, -9] This is was really shocking…Is it the fact of child abuse!…

7. [+605, -6] I hope the children who are involved in domestic violence are now properly recognized as social issues. I hope that this drama will bring more social attention so that all children can grow up in the care and affection of good adults.

8. [+588, -14] Honestly, the acting is so good…I got angry and emotional while watching it ㅇㅇ In reality, they would do even more than this so I hope it gets more attention so things like this won’t happen again…Whether by law or by interest…

9. [+572, -9] The remake is made at the right time…I hope more victims can be protected

10. [+489, -11] It’s really fun but so scary..daebak

Rating: 2.9%