[Spoilers] Misty E12 + Rating

Naver – sports chosun: ‘Misty’ The murderer is a man…Kim Nam Joo♥Ji Jin Hee reconfirm their love
1.[+3419, -55] If Kang Tae-wook is the killer, the cost of loving one woman becomes too much…As the writer keeps writing Misty she keeps making to many twists, I’m sure the killer is someone else…

2.[+2977, -54] Please, I hope Ji Jin Hee is not the killer

3.[+2674, -97] I don’t know why but I feel Seo Eun Joo made Bae Dong Hyun kill him and like that she won’t get any blood on her hands

4.[+1597, -97] This is really annoying, are you trying to burn viewers’ hearts ㅠ Please let’s broadcast everything is one go, I’m going crazy out of curiosity 

5.[+1333, -73] Today was really good but what’s wrong with next week’s preview ㅜㅜ Among these, Ji Jin Hee is so cool♥_♥

6.[+641, -8] But did something happen in the drama that made Bae Bong Hyun feel this sorry for Seo Eun Joo to the point where he is giving up his life? It’s over-exaggerated and suspicious 

7.[+584, -7] The director Jang and Go Hye Ran are set to fight. They are pretending so they can screw the vice president

8.[+558, -20] But..When Ji Jin Hee comes out, the drama is somehow more luxurious..ㅎ

9.[+538, -6] It’s fun but It’s lacking, how can the prosecutor didn’t confirm with the witness and only asked him now whether he saw a woman or a man?

10.[+508, -10] It may seem that Ji Jin Hee is the killer but It will be just an accident…If Ji Jin Hee fought with Kevein Lee and turns out to be the killer It will be too simple and childish

11.[+454, -14] Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo are a middle-aged sexy actors…

12.[+376, -10] That stupid manager is the killer

13.[+295, -4] The most annoying thing is lawyer Kang…he is stuffy, ridiculous, unbelievable…I’m just speechless…


Rating: 6.9%
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