[Spoilers] Mistress (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Isplus Joins: ‘Mistress’ who was lacking reached 2%…The mystery of Han Ga In who comeback after 6 years
1.[+251, -64] I find it fun. As expected, Han Ga In is pretty and she is also good at acting

2.[+120, -4] What does it lack exactly? 

3.[+71, -8] So what? why aren’t you talking?

4.[+61, -6] Han Ga In = Han Hye Jin–>> They consistently can’t act

5.[+63, -18] If you left your carrier for a while don’t you need to do a project or two in a year? You can rest whenever you want…shot CFs instead….It’s cheap~~ but what’s with this acting~~ why don’t you just retire~~ It becomes their hobby only when they crumble

6.[+36, -3] 2% is a little but i thought this drama won’t even reach 2%

7.[+41, -13] What are you saying?? Han Ga In was always bad at acting??? Isn’t normal to lose weight for making a comeback after a long time…Did OCN expected Han Ga In’s acting to be at the level of ‘Save Me’s Seo Ye Ji?

8.[+29, -3] I don’t think it was a good strategy to show the bed scenes, I was embarrassed and it felt dirty so I changed the channel

9.[+26, -3] Choi Hee Seo’s acting…As expected being in movies and dramas are different 

10.[+23, -3] Seriously all the female leads are bad at acting…I was so looking forward to Choi Hee Seo but she was so awkward…
Naver – heraldcorp: ‘Mistress’ reps “Look forward to Han Ga In x Shin Hyun Bin x Choi Hee Seo x Goo Jae Yee’s chemistry”
1.[+279, -32] It’s been a long time since Han Ga In has debut but her acting is still lacking ㅡㅡ

2.[+140, -8] It seems like everyone can’t act so their chemistry match well. They are either short-tongued or mumbling…

3.[+78, -17] Choi Hee Seo’s acting…

4.[+73, -21] It’s not fun and Han Ga In is bad at acting ~

5.[+36, -6] Han Ga In’s acting is not that good but she has unforgettable face. She is pretty but not naturally, she looks awkward when she smiles. She is the best when she is like a robot with no expressions 

6.[+28, -3] The content seems to be fun ㅠㅠ but everyone’s acting…It’s not that bad but…It’s not that good either…Choi Hee Seo-ssi ㅠㅠ she is the best actress but her acting wasn’t good enough ㅠㅜ maybe because it’s a drama

7.[+24, -0] I will watch it for awhile…The female leads are all bad at acting! ugh~

8.[+16, -1] This is not a collector for bad acting…Who is the best at bad acting? It seemed to be a competition 


E01: 1.6%
E02: 1.6%

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