[Spoilers] Lookout EP05 + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘Lookout’ Lee Si Young met Shin Dong Wook…Will she reveal Kim Young Kwang’s identity?

1. [+607, -25] Shin Dong Wook-ssi, thank you so much for coming back…His appearance and heart are really amazing!!

2. [+607, -26] Dong Wook’s role as a priest really suits him~ His voice is cool too, The scene where he met Soo Ji had the best tension♡

3. [+465, -46] Lee Si Young’s good at acting

4. [+296, -27] Lee Si Young is totally charming~~^^♡♡ Even though I’m a girl but watching her makes my heart flutters~^^ She is so good at acting, pretty and really cool!!!!^^ I will always cheer for her~^^♡

5. [+218, -16] I was surprised thinking that Lee Si Young was arrested

6. [+91, -2] Cho Hyun Jae’s old drama where he wore a priest made my heart flutters…but Shin Dong Wook looks good

7. [+96, -6] I’m watching the broadcast because of Shin Dong Wook but the drama is really fun..Fighting

8. [+83, -2] Shin Dong Wook who is still handsome, I’m so grateful that you came back in this drama~ Please show us more good acting in the future and stay healthy~ I’m supporting you~

9. [+79, -2] Shin Dong Wook!!! Fighting~~!!!

10. [+70, -2] It’s so good to see Shin Dong Wook in a drama

Rating: 7.5% | 6.8% 
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