[Spoilers] Kill It E03 + Rating

Naver – Xports News: ‘Kill It’ Jang Ki Yong saved Roh Jeong Eui…He killed the mafia

1.[+147, -4] Jang Ki Yong’s action is so cool and the drama is thrilling and fun…I hope the rating will increase

2.[+69, -4] Today, Jang Ki Yong was daebak ㅠ He was so cool. Everyone, please watch Kill It

3.[+55, -5] No need for words, once you watch this drama you will become a fan…

4.[+45, -1] Now I can see the relation between the characters and the storyline, I can’t take my eyes off of both leads’ beauty

5.[+32, -2] Jang Ki Yong is so cool~~~♡♡

6.[+14, -0] A drama that can not be missed for a moment…Jang Ki Yong’s action scene was seriously cool♡♡♡

7.[+15, -2] Jang Ki Yong has been building his skills and getting recognition slowly!! hehe♡ He has been doing well ever since ‘Go Back Couple’, sunbaenim ㅋㅋㅋ

8.[+13, -0] Seriously, Actor Jang Ki Yong is a jewel^^ My heart is still racing^^

9.[+10, -0] I didn’t watch the rest but I saw the action scene and I got interested ㅋ It was shot in a cool way, nothing feels unnatural…

10.[+10, -0] When he saved the build owner the schoolgirl, the action was seriously cool and when he treated Nana’s wound, he was so sweet~ Veterinarian killer Jang Ki Yong is full of charms

Rating: 1.3%

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