[Spoilers] Hospital Ship (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Sports Seoul: Hospital Ship’s first broadcast, Ha Ji Won’s mother death, changed her fate.

1. [+2240, -214] On Sbs there is Ahn Jae Hyun and on MBC there is Kang Min Hyuk…These days the leads acting is really extreme. What I’m saying is, please use actors who can act.

2. [+1921, -137] Min Hyuk doesn’t feel like a lead.

3. [+1861, -135] The acting and directing…feels like I saw this drama 13 years ago.

4. [+1553, -60] Can’t Jo Hyun Jae become the lead? ㅠㅠ He will look much better with Ha Ji Won..

5. [+835, -54] Jo Hyun Jae was a special guest

6. [+659, -33] There is no other actor to play the lead???

7. [+672, -40] She came to Seoul with some side dishes but she just went back. Wasn’t a little impulsive. I understand it has to be a strong motivation for the doctor to get on the Hospital ship but it lacks a plausibility. The doctors on the ship are like kids so I just can’t feel it. The rival drama is worst so I will continue watching this one but I can feel the difference from the past medical drama.

8. [+627, -28] It would be better If there was no love line between Kang Min Hyuk and Ha Ji Won. Just focus on medical stories

9. [+687, -60] As expected, It has an old feeling

10. [+549, -38] Shinpa…old

Rating: 10.6% | 12.4%