[Spoilers] Greasy Melo (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Xports News: ‘Greasy Melo’s first broadcast…Jang Hyuk x Jung Ryeo Won x Lee Jun Ho, birth of ‘chemistry’ between the three
1.[+1368, -56] The editing is so childish and messy…everyone is good at acting but it’s not smoothly connected…if only they can do a better job at editing

2.[+654, -30] The male lead is imagining things by himself for like 7 minutes, why did you edited that way? It’s not even an important part of the story…It’s really messy and so distracting, I’m so disappointed in the first broadcast

3.[+668, -74] Jang Hyuk saved it

4.[+606, -72] Jang Hyuk doesn’t have a lot of screen time, I think the writer should think well while writing this drama~~~ It got fun when Jang Hyuk came out ㅋㅋㅋ

5.[+336, -41] Episode 1 was messy and honestly it didn’t have any attraction, Episode 2 was fun, if not only one but two appear at the same time the story may progress well, It has a refreshing content 

6.[+227, -47] I’m not lying but it was really boring…

7.[+257, -94] Wow…Jang Hyuk is Lee Jun Ho’s sub??? Even Lee Jun Ho’s name came out first, What does Jang Hyuk lack for him to do a drama where he is Lee Jun Ho’s sub…

8.[+173, -49] The order is Jang Hyuk then Lee Jun Ho, right?

9.[+125, -15] It’s like a version of ‘Pasta’ and ‘Jealousy Incarnate’…the editing was a mess and Jang Hyuk saved today’s episode, Writer Seo Sook Hyang you’re not giving us a new feeling but it feels like an old drama

10.[+90, -1] how can you put Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won’s two shot like this…

11.[+105, -17] I endured and watched it only because of Jang Hyuk but if tomorrow will be messy like this I won’t keep on watching it

12.[+112, -41] It’s so fun…Jun Ho is so good…♡♡♡♡

13.[+65, -4] I still can’t figure out why Jang Hyuk decided to do this


Rating: 5.8% | 6.4%