[Spoilers] Grand Prince (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘Grand Prince’ First broadcast Yoon Si Yoon vs Joo Sang Wook, the biginning of the blood war between princes

1. [+490, -35] Lee Whi has a soft charisma. Lee Kang has a strong man charisma, He is so cool…Grand Prince hit daebak!!

2. [+403, -39] Everyone is good at acting ㅠㅠ

3. [+379, -35] Lee Whi suit the handsome prince and also looks good as a strong man…His tear acting made me cry without knowing ㅜㅜ I really enjoyed watching it. The kids are good at acting too

4. [+374, -33] Yoon Si Yoon’s acting is daebak!! He is so cool~ make sure to watch the broadcast^^

5. [+317, -40] Yoon Si Yoon’s acting is daebak cool ♡

6. [+124, -14] Lee Kang is totally Joo Sang Wook and Lee Whi is totally Yoon Si Yoon. I praise the one who made the casting

7. [+123, -13] Prince Lee Whi’s tear acting is so good ♥

8. [+124, -15] Yoon Si Yoon daebak!! Let’s make it his life’s work!!

9. [+119, -12] Everyone is good at acting and the storyline seems to be fun

10. [+112, -15] It’s fresh and fun ㅋㅋㅋ

Naver – sports.chosun: ‘Grand Prince’ Yoon Si Yoon x Jin Se Yun met for the second time “Historical ratings”

1. [+104, -5] Whi and Ja Hyun suit each other, the ratings keeps increasing

2. [+90, -3] I will watch Grand Prince on the weekends

3. [+88, -3] Very fun

4. [+77, -3] I watched the broadcast

5. [+66, -6] I’m a fan of tv Chosun’s Grand Prince!! It’s so fun

6. [+48, -2] The birth of a drama that you fall for right away~~ Time passed so fast!!

7. [+48, -3] I’m surprised of how fun it is^^ It has something different from sageuk dramas…The actors’ line are fresh and funny…

8. [+42, -2] It was fun, It was daebak~^^

9. [+41, -1] It’s so fun, I hope it will increase more next week

10. [+42, -3] Finally I got a drama to watch, It’s so fun


E01: 2.5%
E02: 3.1%