[Spoilers] Grand Prince E05 + Rating

Naver – heraldpop: ‘Grand Prince’ Jin Se Yun, “I will forever protect and love you” A sweet kiss
1.[+118, -4] It’s so fun. It is much better and more fun than the terrestrial network dramas

2.[+99, -3] I was waiting only for Saturday♡ Today was so sweet, will the hardships start tomorrow ㅠ

3.[+99, -8] Ja Hyun and Lee Hwi’s kissing scene was so heart fluttering

4.[+86, -2] Grand Prince is totally fun

5.[+81, -6] Jin Se Yun’s eye acting and when tears fell out of her eyes, It was really sad ㅠ

6.[+47, -0] The three leads’ acting was more outstanding today, they did a good job casting Yoon Si Yoon, Jin Se Yun and Joo Sang Wook

7.[+47, -0] All the actors are so good at acting and the drama is so fun

8.[+48, -2] Today, Ja Hyun was unusually pretty and she makes a good couple with Hwi

9.[+39, -0] Grand Prince is fun

10.[+36, -2] Heart fluttering

11.[+35, -1] The two of them are so pretty and they have the best chemistry 

12.[+39, -6] The only drama that I’ve fallen for lately~ I got to know Yoon Si Yoon’s true value~

13.[+32, -0] The director and the writer have a perfect harmony. If you are not watching this drama, please make sure to do so. It’s so fun ㅠㅠ


Rating: 2%