[Spoilers] Doctor John (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – My daily: “You have to save the patient”…’Doctor John’ Ji Sung gave a chance to Lee Se Young who had a medical accident

1.[+391, -28] Wow it was immersive from the first episode, I finally have something to watch

2.[+288, -23] As expected, you can trust and watch Ji Sung

3.[+238, -6] Everything is good but is this the first time the director direct a medical drama? Does it make sense to be like that at an emergency? It was so frustrating ㅜ

4.[+146, -21] It’s just Ji Sung is good at acting and handsome

5.[+135, -13] I have to admit this~ While watching it I said ‘As expected of Ji Sung’~

6.[+52, -0] But it’s a little ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he made a fuss to call Lee Se Young but she is an anesthesiologist, is there anything she can do????…he is an emergency patient you should talk why taking him on 119;;;

7.[+53, -7] I feel like the development is boring and frustrating. They left the patient dying and kept on talking

8.[+46, -2] The patient is dying…the directing…does it make sense to hold on to him for that long? ㅋㅋ

9.[+51, -9] It’s fun!!!!!! time flew by

Naver – Osen: ‘Doctor John’ Ji Sung was released from prison to save a patient…Returns as a doctor with Lee Se Young

1.[+881, -26] Wow~~~ Ji Sung is so handsome! this drama is so immersive from the beginning

2.[+515, -16] Ji Sung’s acting has totally risen. Of course he was originally good but this time, he is acting as Yo Han is so natural and attractive, It’s the best. He is showing his best acting as Doctor Yo Han~~~

3.[+382, -13] As expected of Ji Sung!! He is cool! Lee Se Young’s acting has also improved a lot and she is so pretty^^ It must have been hard for her to run! A drama that I look forward to after a long time~~

4.[+283, -14] This is why he is god Ji Sung!!!!ㅠㅠ

5.[+235, -16] So Handsome, his gaze is really insane

6.[+76, -0] Ji Sung has been possessed by Cha Yo Han! Whatever role he plays, he always makes it his own! A drama that makes time fly by

7.[+67, -2] The last scene was totally heart fluttering ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you music director

8.[+65, -2] Ji Sung and Lee Se Young were so cool today ㅠㅠㅠ and my heart really fluttered, It’s just heart fluttering

9.[+53, -2] If the male lead is Ji Sung, I definitely trust watch it, he is one of my favorite actors~~

E01-02: 6% | 8.4%
E03-04: 7% | 10.1%