[Spoilers] Cross E11-12 + Rating

Naver – xports news: ‘CROSS’ Persistent Go Kyung Pyo, even discovered Heo Sung Tae’s secret fund ‘chasing right under his nose’  

1. [+196, -3] Respect to the staff of Cross. The filming and editing today was good and the location choice for the cemetery was excellent too. And Go Kyung Pyo was especially handsome today 
2.[+169, -2] Today it was really refreshing when Kang In Kyu threatened Man Sik in the interview room ㅋㅋ 
3.[+145, -3] Amazing! A secret fund in that place… 
4.[+134, -6] Finally tomorrow that person will leave?, I’ve waited only for this day, Cross fighting 
5.[+124, -2] Go Kyung Pyo is amazing 
6.[+51, -2] Go Kyung Pyo lost weight so he’s really handsome 
7.[+44, -2] Please don’t go around alone .ㅜㅡㅜ 
8.[+43, -2] An actor I really like 
9.[+42, -1] The cemetery was really scary where did they find a filming location like that, it’s the best 
10.[+39, -2] Today was fun too, tomorrow goodbye to the center chief

Naver – heraldpop: ‘CROSS’ Cho Jae Hyun, unconscious from the hit and run accident… will he wake up? 

1.[+9829, -26] I think he won’t wake up because he’s embarrassed 

2.[+6960, -27] He won’t wake up now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he’s resigned 

3.[+5174, -36] no way he’ll wake up.. 

4.[+5016, -34] It has already been decided that he will step down.. 

5.[+3629, -16] He won’t wake up ㅋ 

6.[+1234, -4] Looking at the PD’s notebook both him and Kim Ki Duk have done a lot of thuggish things. Don’t ever show your faces again 

7.[+1229, -8] It’s been revealed that Cho JaeHyun and Kim Ki Duk raped a female actress but I’m surprised that the article about the PD’s notebook wasn’t on the main page… 

8.[+1087, -4] The PD’s notebook came out but there’s not a lot of articles so I’ll say they’re dirty here, if you’re not going to be like a person then don’t say something like you’ll repay with acting just don’t appear ever again 

9.[+704, -4] The reporters all know it too so I commented 

10.[+678, -4] If he wakes up the hospital nurses will all be in danger, him just dying is the best option for everyone ㅋㅋㅋ


E11: 3.2%
E12: 3.4%


(Thanks @2110GO for helping me 💓)
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