[Spoilers] Cross E08 + Rating

Naver – sports seoul: ‘Cross’ Cho Jae Hyun x Jeon So Min are one step close to found out the truth about organ trafficking

1. [+608, -2] The chairman is as bad as Kim Hyung Beom…I was afraid that Kang In Kyu will get caught while following him~ㅠ I wish In Kyu can have a refreshing revenge

2. [+494, -9] In the end, Kang In Kyu will enter Sunim hospital. Also, It seems like Kang In Kyu will treat Go Jung Hoon’s illness

3. [+394, -10] I wasn’t disappointed today. It’s really fun

4. [+381, -10] I was nervous while watching the last scene, also it’s nice that Cho Jae Hyun believed Ko Gyung Pyo’s words. I’m totally looking forward to next week

5. [+361, -6] It’s true that he suspected Kang In Kyu but It’s a relief that he believed his words later, now let’s fight back!!! Let’s punish the real person behind Kim Hyung Beom

6. [+101, -1] It’s really fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Today my hand kept on sweating while watching it..Also the hospital chairman was worst than I imagined;;  I really hope this doesn’t happen in reality…I think there might be, In face, I 100% think there are some hospitals like that…I wish the world could become a place where we can punish all the bad people…

7. [+94, -0] Organ trafficking should really disappear

8. [+87, -1] 1 hour is over ㅠ The development is so fast and it’s so fun

9. [+86, -1] As expected, Kang In Kyu is a genius, Without him Chairman Lee would have kept doing bad things. Ko Gyung Pyo is cool

10. [+67, -1] As expected, When Kang In Kyu is moving it gets more fun

11. [+64, -4] Cho Jae Hyun Ajhussi, you will be waiting for the big news soon ㅎㅎ

12. [+61, -2] Kang In Kyu is so cool


Rating: 4.2%
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