[Spoilers] Confession E03-04 + Rating

Naver – Xports News: ‘Confession’ Lee Jun Ho found out that Ryoo Kyung Soo is involved in his father’s case

1.[+497, -7] When I first saw Jun Ho i thought he looked like Rain and when I saw Ryoo Kyung Soo i thought he looked like Yoon Kyun Sang but their acting is so good that I don’t think about who they look like now, I just think that they match their characters, I reflect on saying who will do the acting other than Yoo Jae Myung…Everyone is good at acting and the content is so good, I smell a masterpiece!!!

2.[+322, -5] It doesn’t feel like an hour has passed~~ It’s totally fun that time flies by

3.[+263, -8] How does the time fly by…How is Jun Ho this good at acting…the more i watch it the more i get surprised…I want tomorrow to come fast

4.[+146, -2] I’m curious about tomorrow’s episode

5.[+121, -0] It’s daebak fun

6.[+78, -0] The time totally flew by today!! I thought the time got shorten..!! I like that the story is not obvious!! I hope it keeps going like this!! Jun Ho is more like an actor than an idol now, if only idol turned actors are as good as Jun Ho…

7.[+54, -1] Jun Ho is really good at acting

8.[+51, -0] The immersion is seriously no joke, Jun Ho’s acting as a cold lawyer is really a masterpiece and the actor who plays Han Jong Koo is also good

9.[+49, -0] I liked how Jun Ho went and apologize to the victim’s family, I thought there is nothing to watch but now I found a drama to watch

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘Confession’ Lee Jun Ho found out that Song Yoo Hyun didn’t accidentally kill him but planned it

1.[+642, -22] The drama’s tension is no joke ㅠㅠ Actor Lee Jun Ho is so good at acting ㅠㅠ

2.[+406, -4] At the end when he said were you born in 2002, I got goosebumps

3.[+288, -8] You can watch Confession while fully focused…Actors’ acting is the best…I hope Confession will hit daebak^^

4.[+238, -9] It’s number one out of the current airing dramas! Lee Jun Ho’s acting got deeper~~♡♡

5.[+92, -5] How can I wait till next week ㅠ

6.[+60, -4] When an idol acts there is always a feeling of over-exaggeration. Jun Ho doesn’t make you remember his days as a singer. He is a cool guy. I hope he makes it big.

7.[+52, -3] Confession’s story development and everyone’s acting is daebak good

8.[+47, -6] Lee Jun Ho is so good at acting, I was surprised at the end again

9.[+43, -3] There is only this drama to watch lately, Confession’s story and the actors’ acting are all good. I want to watch it daily ㅎ

E03: 4.5%
E04: 5.6%