[Spoilers] Circle (Pilot) + EP02 + Rating

Naver – tv Report: ‘Circle’ Yeo Jin Goo X Ahn Woo Yeon go missing…Can Kim Kang Woo find them in 2037?

1. [+840, -72] Wa It been a while since I was a fan of tvN drama♡ The material is so fresh and so is the future directing, at this rate it will be daebak…It’s full of tension!!!!!!

2. [+706, -48] As expected, Yeo Jin Goo is a visual genius, acting genius, voice genius. This drama’s genre is Sci-fic but it’s ambiguous to say that at this point…It seems like thriller and like a sitcom as well…ㅋ But is the genre that important? As long as it fun It’s okay…The actors are good and so is the content, I find it very fun…ㅋ

3. [+575, -41] Kim Kang Woo is one of the brothers

4. [+605, -59] It’s really very fun…I was immersed and the actors are so good at acting, the hour passed by so quick

5. [+384, -41] I like that the development is so fast

6. [+152, -12] When they showed 2037 I was really scared that things will really turns out like that…The directing is the best

7. [+154, -22] I admit that Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo’s acting was great…Lee Ki Kwang surprised me!! ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+108, -14] The double track is so fresh

9. [+93, -11] I really excited to see the story development ㅋㅋㅋ


Naver – tv Report: ‘Circle’ Kim Kang Woo, the beginning of a full investigation

1. [+876, -22] I am deeply reflective of my short thoughts for thinking I wouldn’t be attracted to this drama:::It’s very fun

2. [+519, -19] Personally, Part1 is very fun ㅜㅜㅜㅜ The twins acting is daebak!!!

3. [+458, -15] Kim Kang Woo’s acting ㄷㄷ I felt it was a little childish yesterday but today I was so focused

4. [+346, -14] The chemistry is really good

5. [+145, -9] It’s more fun than I thought! Lee Ki Kwang is not over acting and It’s the first time I see the twin brother and he is really good

6. [+162, -16] Lee Ki Kwang is really good at acting…Actually, all the actors are so good at acting ㅡㅡㅡ I know it will be fun even before It was released!!! Circle let’s hit big

7. [+121, -5] What is the lost memory of Lee Ki Kwang? It been awhile since I felt curious after watching a drama, Circle let’s hit daebak!!

8. [+113, -4] Public broadcast can’t make a drama like this that’s while tvN make it

Naver – Osen: ‘Circle’ An Woo Yeon, Choose the alien rather than his brother
1. [+409, -5] Why the twins acting is so good?…
2. [+312, -8] The acting is no joke…The Rediscovery of An Woo Yeon…a suspenseful 
3. [+267, -6] The two of them are so good at acting…
4. [+139, -6] He thinks of the alien more than his brother…
5. [+56, -1] Yeo Jin Goo is very handsome, He looks so cool while acting
6. [+54, -1] Not only Yeo Jin Goo but all the actors are good at acting~ You’re good!! ㅋ
7. [+43, -0] As an actor Yeo Jin Goo has a really good voice
8. [+47, -3] I can not stop the excitement for Yeo Jin Goo. He fits so well for his role~
9. [+38, -1] Yeo Jin Goo!! I really praise you~ Good acting~ I’m immersed!!
EP01: 2.9%
EP02: 2.3%
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