[Spoilers] Chief of Staff – Aide (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘Aide’ Lee Jung Jae breaks down Kim Hong Fa and takes one step forward to ‘6g ambition’

1.[+463, -35] It’s so fun…It felt like I was watching a movie ㅋㅋ Time flew by ㅎ

2.[+265, -21] It’s better than the drama that costed 54 million won

3.[+245, -23] The drama’s content is fresh and the trustworthy Lee Jung Jae is in it, the drama has magically turned into a movie ㅋㅋ It’s so fun ㅋ

4.[+212, -15] Honestly, It was really fun. It feels like an American drama

5.[+100, -15] The development is fast which is good! time flew by…Lee Jung Jae’s acting is seriously natural and good

6.[+40, -4] It’s fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was like a movie, the supporting actors are good

7.[+28, -2] Among the recent leads, they match each other the most

8.[+22, -1] I don’t think they promoted this drama well

9.[+19, -2] I totally thought I was watching a movie~~~ 10 episodes are too short ㅜㅜ

10.[+21, -10] I’m just thankful to be able to see Lee Jung Jae in a drama

11.[+18, -8] Shin Min Ah is so beautiful…She is out of this world

12.[+16, -6] Shin Min Ah’s acting is good

13.[+11, -1] Is this a movie or a drama? ㄷㄷ

Rating: 4.4%