[Spoilers] Bad Papa E05-08 + Rating



Naver – heraldpop: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk started his game comeback…the new drug tester got a seizure

1.[+28, -0] Wow the medicine he trusts and thinks it’s a nutritional supplement is such a dangerous medicine…Jang Hyuk’s body can endure it…wow

2.[+24, -0] Jang Hyuk’s acting seems real ㄷㄷ

3.[+17, -0] As expected of Jang Hyuk-nim~~~~~~~~~~~♡♡♡

4.[+14, -2] I watched today’s episode and I didn’t know the time went by…It’s a very fun drama

5.[+10, -0] I watched it while holding my hands tight. daebak daebak

6.[+10, -0] I watched it while feeling nervous. The last 10 minutes were really overwhelming!!! It’s a real masterpiece



Naver – Osen: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk found out about Son Yeo Eun x Ha Joon…’Devastation’ 

1.[+181, -1] There are a lot of warm and good scenes of Yong Sun and her father but when Son Yeo Eun and Ha Joon scenes come out I just want to change the channel…It’s fun but let’s leave out the concept of an affair

2.[+95, -4] Jang Hyuk’s acting hurt my heart…It reminds me of my father

3.[+87, -4] When he asked his daughter to do whatever she wants to do, Jang Hyun’s eyes were full of sincerity…the best emotional acting

4.[+64, -4] Is Son Yeo Eun a villain or just cancerous ㅋㅋㅋ

5.[+31, -2] I’m watching it because of Jang Hyuk’s pure and sincere acting, the conversation with his daughter made me cry

6.[+26, -0] If it wasn’t for Jang Hyuk I wouldn’t be watching it, I hate seeing his wife and Min Woo

7.[+23, -0] This is not Bad Papa but Bad Mother ㅋㅋㅋ I pity Jang Hyuk


E05-06: 2.4% | 3.5%

E07-08: 2.8% | 3.2%

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tbh there’s no way to compare the male female actinf to Janghyuk’s. she’s lcking and he’s wayyy more talented than her.
that rainbow girl is way more good and she only appeared like few times.

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