[Spoilers] Bad Papa E05-08 + Rating



Naver – heraldpop: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk started his game comeback…the new drug tester got a seizure

1.[+28, -0] Wow the medicine he trusts and thinks it’s a nutritional supplement is such a dangerous medicine…Jang Hyuk’s body can endure it…wow

2.[+24, -0] Jang Hyuk’s acting seems real ㄷㄷ

3.[+17, -0] As expected of Jang Hyuk-nim~~~~~~~~~~~♡♡♡

4.[+14, -2] I watched today’s episode and I didn’t know the time went by…It’s a very fun drama

5.[+10, -0] I watched it while holding my hands tight. daebak daebak

6.[+10, -0] I watched it while feeling nervous. The last 10 minutes were really overwhelming!!! It’s a real masterpiece



Naver – Osen: ‘Bad Papa’ Jang Hyuk found out about Son Yeo Eun x Ha Joon…’Devastation’ 

1.[+181, -1] There are a lot of warm and good scenes of Yong Sun and her father but when Son Yeo Eun and Ha Joon scenes come out I just want to change the channel…It’s fun but let’s leave out the concept of an affair

2.[+95, -4] Jang Hyuk’s acting hurt my heart…It reminds me of my father

3.[+87, -4] When he asked his daughter to do whatever she wants to do, Jang Hyun’s eyes were full of sincerity…the best emotional acting

4.[+64, -4] Is Son Yeo Eun a villain or just cancerous ㅋㅋㅋ

5.[+31, -2] I’m watching it because of Jang Hyuk’s pure and sincere acting, the conversation with his daughter made me cry

6.[+26, -0] If it wasn’t for Jang Hyuk I wouldn’t be watching it, I hate seeing his wife and Min Woo

7.[+23, -0] This is not Bad Papa but Bad Mother ㅋㅋㅋ I pity Jang Hyuk


E05-06: 2.4% | 3.5%

E07-08: 2.8% | 3.2%