[Spoilers] Arthdal Chronicles (Pilot) + Rating

Naver – Sports Chosun: ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Choo Ja Hyun died after saving Song Joong Ki…Jang Dong Gun♥Kim Ok Vin share a secret

1.[+3385, -300] I don’t understand what they’re saying, the screen is too dark, the content is difficult to understand and it’s seems like everyone is acting separately…but most importantly the action scenes look sloppy

2.[+2504, -98] Give us Signal season 2 soon…we waited so long…It’s been 3 years

3.[+2105, -301] It’s like the drama version of Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong…

4.[+1194, -97] I will wait and watch tomorrow’s episode first…

5.[+673, -31] But at the end, what did Choo Ja Hyun say before she died???

6.[+481, -47] For now, let’s watch more episodes…In fact, there are not many dramas that challenged doing this kind of genre in our country, we have to try or how will we develop our content? For now let’s look at it positively. Even thought It’s still a little awkward.

7.[+392, -8] Can’t hear the dialogues? What are they saying? That’s what I kept asking while watching it

8.[+383, -9] ㅜㅜ After 10 years from the teenager boy, Jang Dong Gun seemed a little forced…On top of that, the soldiers who looked older than Ta Gon, now, after 10 years, they look younger than him ㅜㅜ

9.[+252, -8] The content is difficult…what is what…

10.[+219, -15] Am I the only one who didn’t understand it? What’s the content about?…I’m watching it but I don’t get it…

11.[+187, -11] I changed the channel while watching it…

12.[+166, -2] The skeleton that Jang Dong Gun wore was like that because of the lack of production costs, right?

13.[+162, -7] I don’t understand a word of what that kid in her dream said ㅠ well it’s just the first episode so the content is a little messy, we have to watch a little more for a better judgment

Rating: 6.7%

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