[Spoilers] Arthdal Chronicles E07 + Rating

Naver – Sports Seoul: ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Song Joong Ki take revenge on Kim Ok Vin “You lost the person you wanted”

1.[+1468, -92] I got goosebumps at the end…Song Joong Ki’s beauty is insane

2.[+763, -115] It really keeps getting more fun as it goes…As expect, you can trust the production team and actors ㅋㅋ I got goosebumps because of Song Joong Ki at the end

3.[+622, -36] It’s fun ㅎㅎ I got goosebumps when he smiled

4.[+608, -39] He looked prettier than a girl when he dressed up as a girl

5.[+542, -31] Wow I got goosebumps watching Song Joong Ki’s expression at the end

6.[+186, -23] Isn’t the person who doesn’t understand the content weird? ㅋㅋ I don’t understand it, It’s boring, It you have the same mind as people you will understand it and once you understand it you will find it fun…

7.[+167, -11] Everyone is bad, At first I thought why a drama that cost 50 billion won is like this? But I praise myself for sticking with it till now, I’m glad that I watched this fun drama since the beginning ㅠㅠ

8.[+154, -3] I thought Saya was a weak character and I was disappointed but as expected there was a twist…

9.[+165, -17] Wow today was finally so fun ㅋㅋㅋ Song Joong Ki’s beauty and acting are amazing

10.[+140, -7] Song Joong Ki perfectly matches as Eunseom and Saya. When he looked at Taealha and smiled~ I got goosebumps~!

11.[+114, -5] Song Joong Ki’s psychopath acting was daebak…but he still looked pure…Today was so fun

12.[+111, -3] It’s fun, I got goosebumps because of Saya’s plot-twist~~

13.[+113, -7] Today, Song Joong Ki was the best, what’s with his beauty? ㅋㅋ He was beautiful, I was waiting for the ending twist, Song Joong Ki, how about playing a villain next time?? Everyone, please watch ‘Arthdal Chronicles’, It keeps getting fun as it goes

Rating: 5.8%