[Spoilers] Arthdal Chronicles E04 + Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ Song Joong Ki vs Jang Dong Gun, left out kidnapped Kim Eui Sung and fought each other

1.[+917, -47] It was intense and I was enjoying it but I suddenly burst out laughing! Joong Ki was riding the horse while trying to catch him and Eui Sung hyung-nim waved his hand! It was suddenly funny

2.[+720, -129] I got goosebumps because of Tanya’s curse today. “I, Tanya of the Wahan Tribe, put a curse on you people.” this line was so cool

3.[+578, -145] Today was seriously fun

4.[+440, -95] But it’s fun?

5.[+367, -73] It was thrilling to watch

6.[+337, -91] They can’t act, it’s boring, saying that is subjective and that’s fine but whoever is saying that they can’t understand the content should go back to elementary school. Creating a new world with different languages, tribute is no different from ‘Lord of the Ring’, which Koreans love so much. Of course, It lacks compared to ‘Lord of the Ring’ since those people spent so much on language construction but it’s the first time they are trying out this genre in our country, do you have to criticize it this much? Is it because it’s not a romance drama where we keep looking at the leads’ visuals and kisses? Is it because it doesn’t have refreshing scenes that solves peoples problems? or is it because there aren’t any secret brothers makjang? 

7.[+218, -7] It was a little boring when they did the ritual ㅠㅠ It was too long

8.[+176, -15] What’s fascinating is that even numbered episodes are more fun, it happened last week ㅋ Today was fun too

9.[+155, -28] Since Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki have met, the tension has grow ㄷㄷ How can i wait till next week ㅠㅠ

10.[+138, -16] Now it’s slowly starting to get fun

11.[+102, -1] The editing should be a little tighter, the dancing scene and sending the grandmother off were good but too long

12.[+79, -11] Yes, today was a little enjoyable, see you next week~!ㅋ

13.[+85, -19] I’m still watching this drama, It’s fresh and makes you curious, It’s better than those forced romance dramas and it will get even better next week

Rating: 7.7%

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