[Spoilers] Angel’s Last Mission: Love E13-14+ Rating

Naver – Osen: ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ Lee Dong Gun found out Kim Myung Soo’s real angel identity…He quit being Shin Hye Sun’s secretary

1.[+520, -6] Wow…the last scene was so scary and shocking, the grandpa turned out to be an angel?…and then disappeared…Please just let Yeon Seo and Dan be in love ㅠㅠ they haven’t even started dating yet ㅠㅠ

2.[+404, -18] We kept commenting that this drama is the house of good ending so do you now only care about the ending????!!!!!!! You can edit or cut off the long ballet talk, writer do some good writing

3.[+309, -29] Today’s Appreciation: Kim Myung Soo was a doll, Kim Myung Soo was a sculpture, I stayed awake because of Kim Myung Soo’s face

4.[+274, -14] I keep thinking about the scene where he imagined Hye Sun crying, Her acting is seriously good

5.[+229, -5] Ji Kang Woo was supposed to disappear because he fell for a human but the person he loved has died but his love for her hasn’t disappeared. and that’s why he became a demon.

6.[+129, -7] I think now I know why Shin Hye Sun got leading roles in short time…She has excellent analytical skills for every new character…Her emotional acting keeps getting deeper day by day ㄷㄷ her sobbing acting was daebak ㅜㅜ

7.[+77, -6] The look on Dan’s face when he saw the elderly couple~~~ㅜㅜ He run and quit his job ㅜㅜ Actor Kim Myung Soo’s gaze made me more immersed and my heart hurt even more ㅜㅜ Please let our Dan be happy ㅠㅠ

8.[+78, -8] Please, Please focus more on the main couple…the drama’s genre is rom-com but the writer seems to want to write a melodrama of the same level as ‘Dream High’, I’m seriously cursing but I can’t drop it because of Dan-Yeon, It’s so upsetting

9.[+46, -2] Thinking about it, angels are really irresponsible…Ji Kang Woo’s lover died by mistake but he didn’t save her and let her die…

10.[+34, -2] Writer-nim, Please make the main couple appear more…

11.[+31, -1] I think it will be more fun tomorrow, Myung Soo’s face is seriously CG

12.[+31, -1] When the main lead come out more the rating will increase. The supporting characters come out for too long

Rating: 6.3% | 7.3%

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